”618”Shopping Festival has these new changes in 2021

Posted by Admin on May 27, 2021 in Chinese market

The annual “618” is coming. For Chinese e-commerce or consumers, “618” is like a carnival. The shop owners are thinking that they can make a good profit at last, while the consumers are thinking that they can pick up a bargain again and quickly store goods.

Originally, June 18 was the anniversary of JD. JD was founded by Liu qiangdong on June 18, 1998 in Zhongguancun, Beijing. Starting from a simple computer sales company, the company expanded its business in constant exploration and experienced many times of expansion and transformation. In 2003, it officially transformed to online sales, that is, the mode of e-commerce. After the successful transformation into a e-commerce giant in China, JD hosts large-scale promotion activities in the day of anniversity every year, which is the origin of “618”.

Due to the fact that every “618” activity of JD has a huge momentum, it has a far-reaching influence on China market. This made Taobao and Tmall have to respond, so they also launched “618” large-scale promotion activities. In this way, “618” was turned into another Shopping Festival.

“618” and “double 11” have become the annual festival of China’s e-commerce industry “Double 11” was set up by Taobao, and “618” was launched by JD, forming a half year celebration situation in the field of e-commerce. From the perspective of traditional retail, mid June and mid November are both in the relatively low season of retail industry, and e-commerce can get twice the result with half the effort on these Shopping Festivals .

“618” campaign has become the first choice for China’s major e-commerce platforms to increase turnover. The biggest difference between this year’s 618 and the previous model is that the pre-sale of goods begins on May 24, and the activity will last until June 20, as long as half a month. In addition to extending the promotion time and promoting the transaction, it can also effectively relieve the peak pressure of e-commerce platform and express delivery; From the point of view of the activity, the preferential rules that consumers complaint more complicated than advanced mathematics have been simplified a lot, details as follow:

1.Super red packet, JD (May 24 – June 18) and Tmall (May 29 – June 18), are directly used for consumption during “618’. They can be superimposed with various promotional offers, and can be used up to 10 at a time, with a maximum denomination of 18618 yuan.

2.From June 1 to June 18, in different stores or the same store, if the consumption value reaches 200 or above, you can enjoy 30 yuan discount; if the consumption value reaches 1000 or above, you can enjoy 60 yuan discount. Most products will participate, and this form of discount can be used in parallel with various discount cards and coupons.

3.Pre-sale lucky bag, Tmall (May 24 – May 31), consumers can open a lucky bag by participating in the pre-sale activities. Last year’s double 11 activity was to get welfare red packets of 8 yuan, 18 yuan and 38 yuan with 2 or 3 or 5 orders.

4.The interaction activities such as cat stacking and build a building,which can be upgraded by browsing the shop, and each upgrade will be rewarded with red packets or coupons; In addition, open team, team PK victory can be divided up the corresponding red packets.

5.Category day activities, from June 4 to June 15, a venue for a specific category will be opened every day. On that day, the category discount will be released on the page.

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