Accounting & Taxes

In the early stage of company establishment, the following financial problems are often encountered:

*The stability is poor, and the company needs to bear the financial risk in case of staff turnover.

*The efficiency is low, there is no template for the previous account, and the subject is unreasonable.

*It is unprofessional. In the early stage of starting a business, only one financial person will audit the account, without further review, and the financial account is prone to errors.


As the legal system of China is very different from that of western countries, investors from other countries need to have a deep understanding of China’s tax revenue in order to maximize the efficiency of tax revenue and ensure full compliance with China’s tax laws and regulations. In addition, enterprises must comply with various monthly and quarterly accounting and tax requirements when conducting business in China. It is not easy to adapt to China’s tax and accounting rules and standards, so trust a professional agency cant save a lot of trouble.

We can help you this

*Establish preliminary accounting system and methods for wholly foreign owned enterprises or representative offices.

*Prepare the company’s account books monthly according to Chinese accounting standards.

*Report business tax, personal income tax and corporate tax to Chinese tax authorities on a monthly and annual basis.

*Prepare annual financial statements for audit.