Beauty instrument is more popular among young people in China

Posted by Admin on May 31, 2021 in Chinese market

In China, today’s young women generally pursue white skin, young state, lean body. They are mainly influenced by the comments on the Internet and the stars who deliberately keep their figure in order to appear on the camera. They ignore own advantages and follow the trend seriously. Some time ago, the palm-sized face, A4 waist, prominent clavicle on the Internet set off an upsurge, attracting people to follow suit.

Due to the convenience of the information age, people are bombarded with various kinds of information every day, and they can’t distinguish the direction. Various marketing IDs begin to instill some skin care knowledge into consumers. For example, females should begin to smear eye cream at the age of 20; After the age of 25, the protein starts to run off, and the face value starts to slide; How important is the application of the mask; How important it is to use sunscreen; How important the essence is; How important it is to resist aging; How important the hand cream is; And stay up late with liver protection tablets. In addition, all kinds of bloggers explain how important these products are with their own personal experience, and the urgency of skin care brought by the product sales staff, so that consumers inadvertently formed such a concept, skin care should be bought as soon as possible, even if it is expensive, skin care is very important for women.

The fear of “early aging” has made young Chinese women the main users of beauty devices. And social network makes beauty instrument from weak demand to strong demand.

At present, China’s beauty instruments are almost completely imported from abroad. Foreign brands with first mover advantage are leading China enterprises in product performance, popularity and patents. At the same time, due to the late start of China’s beauty instrument industry, different enterprise sizes, low industry concentration and weak competitiveness, China has no voice in the field of high-end products. According to relevant data, foreign brands basically occupy a monopoly position in the high-end beauty instrument market with more than 1500 yuan. Most of China’s beauty instruments are distributed in the low-end market of less than 500 yuan and the middle end market of 500-1500 yuan.

The consumption of cosmetics in China is mainly concentrated in the post-85-95 consumer groups. The consumption amount of facial care for women aged 40-59 in Europe is nearly twice that for women aged 25-39, while the main consumer group of facial care products is women under 39 in China.

Whether it’s selling lipstick or beauty instrument, Internet Influencer is an inseparable link. The beauty industry has been completely changed by the trend of democratization of information dissemination channels. More and more consumers get inspiration from the demonstration of Internet Influencers and opinion leaders. Unlike stars, Internet Influencers are more like “problem-solving partners” of ordinary people. Consumers who don’t know so much about some products tend to go to platforms like Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Zhihu and Bilibili to see some product evaluation or skin care knowledge explanation. They think that compared with those hard advertisements, the sharing of users on these platforms is more real.

At the beginning of the birth of medical beauty industry, it was intended to help some people with physiological defects, but with the expansion of its scope, it has been conveying to people the idea of reshaping their own image through self efforts. Hype the effect of cosmetic surgery, exaggerate the importance of appearance for work, social and money. Suggestive marketing all the time promotes people’s anxiety about appearance.