Company Registration

If you want to register a company in China, you need to know its registration process, what needs to be prepared and how long it will take to complete the registration. Usually, the nature of a company registered by foreigners in China is a foreign-invested enterprise. Of course, they can also cooperate with Chinese people to establish Sino foreign joint ventures and Sino foreign cooperative enterprises. However, registering a foreign-invested enterprise in China is the quickest and best way to obtain a business license. Once established, the company can start general business activities in China.

Materials you should prepare

If the shareholder and legal representative are foreign citizens, they need to provide a copy of their passport or identification. At the same time, all passports must be notarized by local, national, national registration authorities or certification authorities, and certified by Chinese embassies and consulates.

If the shareholder is a legal person, the registration certificate / business certificate of the company investor shall be notarized by the local, national, national registration authority or Certification Department, and certified by the Chinese Embassy and consulate.

According to China’s company law, the establishment of a company needs to provide the government with an office address lease agreement for at least one year. This means that you need to provide office lease contract and certificate of title (copy and seal of the owner in China). Of course, if you don’t have a company office in China, we can help you find the company’s registered address in the development zone.

General process

*Look for weather have the same name with other componies.

*Application for approval certificate submitted to the Committee on foreign investment.

*Apply for business license to the administration for industry and commerce.

*Application for organization code certificate.

*Apply for the tax registration certificate from the tax bureau.

*Apply for statistical certificate.

*Apply for financial Registration Certificate.




Easy registration of Chinese companies in three simple steps

1.Choose company name and type.

2.Choose the right address.

3.We’ll do the rest.