Current situation of health supplements in China

Posted by Admin on June 21, 2021 in Chinese market

Driven by consumption upgrading, people’s beauty habits have gone from basic beauty and skin care to medical beauty, oral care, diet management and other fields, especially the current oral beauty product market has shown a hot trend.

In Japanese market, health supplements cover almost all categories, including supplements, tablets, oral liquids, beverages, snacks, etc. According to Tmall Global data, in recent years, with the promotion of cross-border e-commerce and KOL, the consumption scale and number of oral beauty in China have also increased year by year and the growth rate has accelerated.

Oral beauty, that is, the way of oral administration to achieve whitening, anti aging, moisturizing and anti stripping effect. Collagen, nicotinamide, hyaluronic acid, grape seed, astaxanthin and so on are well known by young people as important components of medical beauty or skin care. For example, the main function of hyaluronic acid is to supplement water; Collagen, grape seed prevent skin aging; Nicotinamide is the main whitening ingredient. Through early market education, when consumers switch from skin care for external use to oral beauty, they have formed a fixed understanding of the ingredients.

In order to make it easier for young people to accept the way of oral beauty, many brands began to transform their products from capsules, tablets, pills and other forms into snacks, so as to reduce the “drug taking feeling” of consumers.

According to the “health supplements market insight report”, 80% of consumers are willing to choose candy, small packaging and flavored oral products (fruit, milk, etc.). Take collagen oral products as an example, collagen granules and tablets have always been very traditional health care products for all ages. However, with the emergence of new product forms such as collagen drink, collagen jelly strip and collagen jelly candy, these snacks oral products with better taste, higher appearance and more convenient carrying gradually begin to replace traditional health care products, It has become a hot spot for growth, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 200%.

However, from the perspective of price, as the new products are in the stage of rapid development, the prices of these products are quite different. For example, the most popular brands in the whole network are BY-HEALTH, CONBA, Nature’s bounty, Unichi, Vitafusion, etc. Among them, BY-HEALTH and CONBA are Chinese brands, and the other three are overseas brands.

From health supplements to oral snacks, on the one hand, it expands the consumer base, so that more people can try to meet the consumer demand of “beauty while eating”; On the other hand, snacks make the consumption scene of health supplements daily, and also improve the consumption frequency of consumers.

According to the data, during the period of 618 in 2020, health supplements will become the top 3 most popular category of Tmall. In the first seven minutes, the turnover of health supplements increased by 2266%. Moreover, the report of consumption trend of oral beauty in 2019 jointly released by CBNdata and Tmall Global shows that the average growth rate of “Oral Beauty” in the related categories of “beauty economy” is the highest. It is estimated that China’s oral beauty market will reach 23.8 billion yuan in 2022.

There are numerous notes on health supplements in Xiaohongshu. Chinese women are willing to spend money on taking care of themselves. They often look for new ways or products to make themselves better.

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