Douyin influencer marketing

In content, Douyin is developing rapidly from Pan entertainment to vertical development, and vertical Internet influencer is available in all walks of life. The market is more subdivided, and the commercialization of vertical industries is deepening. Nowadays, “Internet influencer marketing” has become the mainstream of the Douyin operation.

Usually, Douyin influencer marketing has following ways:

Video implantation – product information is implanted into the video of Internet influencerand released. Including the way that the product directly shows, and the way that the Internet influencer has a try on products what need to be promoted.






Share the link in the comment area, and users who need it can click to understand or buy it directly.




The advertiser records the video and publishes it with Internet influencer’s account, this way is suitable for game industry.



Internet influencer recommends products to their fans directly, by analyzing more advantages of it, meanwhile, pointing out a few shortcomings, but, these disadvantages are compared with the advantages can be ignored.