eCommerce Store Opening

China has a huge population base and relatively scarce resources. In addition, foreign products have a good reputation in China. They are regarded as high-quality and innovative products. In such a lucrative market, it will be a good opportunity to start a business in China. We will select and establish a suitable platform for your products. According to your industry, we will recommend which platforms you can sell your products on. At present, Taobao, tmall, JD, pinduoduo and other e-commerce platforms occupy the main market in China. Opening stores on these platforms is the simplest way to sell products in China.



Taobao, the largest e-commerce platform in China, has nearly 500 million registered users, and the total number of online products on the platform has exceeded 1 billion, which is called universal Taobao by netizens.




Tmall stores are transformed in the development process of Taobao. Different from the C2C mode of Taobao, tmall is the representative of B2C, an e-commerce platform in China. It integrates tens of thousands of merchants and brands around the world to ensure online shopping, this is also one of the advantages of tmall.





JD is the largest self operated e-commerce enterprise in China, the quality assurance of JD self operated goods and the super speed of JD Logistics have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In China, tmall and JD alone have accounted for 70% of B2C e-commerce market share.



Pinduoduo is a third-party social e-commerce platform focusing on c2m group shopping. Users can buy high-quality goods at a lower price by launching a group with friends, family members and neighbors. It aims to gather the strength of more people, buy better things with lower prices, and experience more benefits and fun. The social concept formed through communication and sharing has formed pinduoduo’s unique new social e-commerce thinking.



With wholesale and purchasing business as the core, 1688 covers 16 industries, including raw materials, industrial products, clothing, household goods and small commodities. It provides a series of supply services from raw material purchase, production and processing to spot goods wholesale. At the same time, it is also a real interactive community with business friends.

Combined with product characteristics, choose the right e-commerce platform to explore the Chinese market, and we will be your right assistant to successfully start this step, tell us your doubts and needs, it will be easy to open a shop on these platforms.

What can we do for you


*Choose the right platform and create a store.

*Give brand and product new Chinese name.

*Design customized shop page.

*Introduce platform rules.