advertising options

The types of advertising include search engine pay per click advertising, picture advertising, video advertising, internet influencer promotion andSoft advertising. It is mainly launched on China’s major search engines, four major portals, video platforms popular with viewers and social media platforms with the most users in China.

Each kind of advertisement has its own advantages. Only by choosing the right type of advertisement according to the characteristics of your own products can maximize the advertising effect.

Which search engine to choose for advertising is still based on your own budget. Objectively speaking, Baidu has the largest user base, and the effect should be the best, but this is for those advertisers who have enough advertising funds, which also means that there is a great competition for  advertising on Baidu.

The materials to be submitted for advertising examination include the copy of business license of enterprise legal person or business license of industrial and commercial enterprises, the business license of individual industrial and commercial households, and the unit certificate of organs, organizations and institutions, etc. the wholly foreign-owned enterprises shall submit the business license of the people’s Republic of China issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce for examination. And some special advertisements shall also be examined with some relevant certificates, please consult online customer service for details.

Accordion Content

In most cases, we just need to scan the company registration certificate to promote the business. In some industries, we may need additional certification. Please note that we need the original, untranslated version released by your local government.

You own the account that you ask to open, we only have the right to manage it on your behalf (if you choose).

Our clients pay at the beginning of each month, before services are rendered

We generally stick to search ads when managing a PPC campaign, but in some cases use display ads as well.

The effect of an advertisement starts from the beginning, but the time when you can feel the effect of an advertisement is related to the specific form, content and industry of the advertisement, which will be very different.