Find Distributor


For foreign enterprises who are not familiar with the Chinese market, it is undoubtedly the most reliable way to find a local distributor to sell their products if they want to start business in China simply and quickly. These companies can help you import, store, transport, sell, and sometimes market. A significant benefit of working with distributors is that they have an extensive network of partners that can quickly sell and deliver your products to retail stores and customers.

these services help you find a distributor in china


Distributor List

Based on our years of experience in this industry, we have accumulated various resources and know our partners very well. We can quickly provide a list of distributors that meet your expectations according to your products and requirements, and ensure that the information of the other party is absolutely true and reliable.



Trade Fairs

Through participating in various exhibitions, the products can be directly displayed in front of potential customers, and you can communicate with each other more detailed.



Marketing Support

Chinese dealers attach great importance to whether there is a market for the products and the profits they bring. We can improve the brand awareness through various ways, which can make it easier for both sides to cooperate.

Dealers do not have to find the strongest in the local market, but to find a suitable one for own company. Generally speaking, the problems to be paid attention to when looking for dealers are as follows:

1.Distributor’s local partner network.

2.Distributor’s recognition of your products.

3.Are there any competitive products in the products operated by the distributor that are specially aimed at your products.

4.Financial strength of Distributors.

5.Human resources of distributors.

6.Stock handling and management capabilities.