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The new economy of China’s Internet influencers is speeding up, the number of MCN institutions across the country is also increasing, and Internet influencer’s influence is constantly expanding. Internet influencer live streaming with goods has become the main channels of brand sales, and 60% of business sales come from live streaming. The traffic and discourse power occupied by Internet influencers is constantly surpassing the traditional mainstream media, the higher participation of Internet influencers, the stronger cashability of the brand. In the future, the proportion of Internet influencer in the overall advertising market will only increase.

Relevant data shows that in 2020, in the six social media of WeChat, Little Red Book, Weibo, Douyin, Kuaishou and Bilibili, the time of staying in short video live streaming was obviously longer, and the selling ability of Douyin and Kuaishou develops very fast. With traffic and content, Internet influencers not only have the ability to make viewers accept products they recommend easily, but also have the ability to sell goods. Internet influencer has gradually become an incubator for many of new brands, and gradually become a new form of shelf in the eyes of brand owners.

Compare Kuaishou and Douyin home page, there is a 30% chance you will see interface of whom you follow when you open Kuaishou APP, however, when you open Douyin APP, what you will see must be recommendation page. Product mix of Kuaishou takes social interaction as the main content and algorithm as the auxiliary content,the relationship chain effect is prominent, product form is more conducive to stabilize fans structure, and the discourse of Internet influencer is stronger.

Kuaishou users prefer network experience with strong sense of participation, similar to group purchase, shopping guide and other online shopping types, and pay attention to cost performance. What’s more, Kuaishou users prefer to choose the popular brand, and they are more interested in travel and automobile industries, and the TGI index of beauty and health is 145 and 112 respectively.

According to the statistics of Kuaishou best-selling list in 30 days, food and beverage, personal care, boutique women’ dress accounted for 63.3% of the total sales volume. 30-50 yuan commodities accounted for the largest proportion, followed by commodities below 30 yuan and 50-80 yuan. Kuaishou users are more reliable in the recommendation of the Kuaishou influencers than the brand name recognition and the product reputation. They are more in pursuit of cost-effective and practical products than Douyin users.

On Kuaishou platform, we often see the following ways of Internet influencer promotion.

1.Embed advertisement into talent shows

Talent show is the mainstream content form of Kuaishou, mainly including music, dance, life skills and other content types. This way of promotion is to integrate product functions and skills through Internet influencers, to form memory points and influence consumers’ minds imperceptibly. It is more suitable for marketing scenarios such as rapid exposure of all kinds of brand products, new products and daily promotion of brand.

2.Embed advertisement into funny stories

This way is through funny or conflicts and other plots to expose brand, which is more suitable for the application scenarios of new products entering the market stage, product daily reputation building, and increasing product sales. It can quickly expose the brand image and establish the brand goodwill.

3.Live commerce

Live commerce is the mainstream form of making money on Kuaishou platform, food, clothing, cosmetics, stationery and other products are common types of live streaming, and the effect of selling commodities is also outstanding. Live commerce is that Kuaishou influencers make interaction with fans through live streaming function. It is mainly divided into two modes, respectively is special performance and common live streaming. It is generally applicable to new products entering market,E-commerce node period,and products popular all over the network. It is an effective way and can be precise and vertical, with high conversion rate.

4.Trying out products

This is an efficient way for Kuaishou influencer to try out the productpersonally , show the use effect of the product, highlight the performance and selling points of the product, share the experience of using the product, and guide users to buy by means of word-of-mouth recommendation.

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