How do overseas brands enter Xiaohongshu?

Posted by Admin on June 16, 2021 in Chinese market

According to the official data of Xiaohongshu, by the end of 2020, more than 650000 brands have entered Xiaohongshu, of which 17% have more than 5000 fans. In the first quarter of this year, the number of non beauty industry brands such as shoes, boots, bags exceeded the number of traditional industry brands of Xiaohongshu such as skin care, fashion and beauty. Brand businesses have built their own private traffic pools in Xiaohongshu.

The object of Xiaohongshu’s participation must be the merchant first, the individual can’t join. The brand trademark is also necessary, the agent must have authorization. For example, the license to open an account, the certificate of legal person and the invoice of the company should also be provided. Secondly, some qualifications of the industry are different according to the types of entry category.

The entry process of Xiaohongshu third party business:

1.Registration: register the “Xiaohongshu’s entry system” and log in to Xiaohongshu’sentry system with the registered email and the original password received.

2.Fill in the entry information: fill in the company information, financial information, store information, etc., and submit the corresponding qualification.

3.Qualification audit: Xiaohongshu will give feedback on the audit results as soon as possible.

4.Contract signing: you can confirm the content of the contract online. After the approval, the platform will send you a paper contract. After you sign the contract offline, you need to send it back.

5.The end of the training: after completing Xiaohongshumerchant training, you can log in to Xiaohongshu merchant management platform to open a shop.

What’s the advantage of opening the brand account of Xiaohongshu?

1.Official certification:

Have a personal page exclusive “brand account” logo, as the brand identity authentication authority.

There are more display entrances on the search results page and brand topic page to give the brand more ways to reach the users of Xiaohongshu.

2.Promotion notes:

Only after the brand account is authenticated, can the brand invite users to publish business promotion notes and get normal exposure.

Users with brand partner qualification need to use the brand reporting system, and the brand account can view the note data through the system.

3.Data analysis:

Enjoy the multi-dimensional data support including fans data and note data, help the brand understand the fan growth trend, position the characteristics of popular note, and finally realize the high-quality growth of brand account.

4.Store binding:

It can be bound with the official brand store of Xiaohongshu, and the commodity display bar can be added on the personal page, so that the shopping on Xiaohongshu is more convenient, and the efficient transformation of community traffic can be realized.

The rising trend of cross-border shopping is one of the backgrounds of Xiaohongshu, which has 300 million users, 100 million monthly active users and a valuation of 6 billion US dollars. So what can overseas beauty brands do to promote on Xiaohongshu, which has 300 million users?

1.Release beauty information

2.Release beauty video

3.Open live streamingand interact with fans

4.Show your beauty products

5.Sell your products to users

6.Import traffic to other platforms