How important is customer service outsourcing?

Posted by Admin on April 15, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

In this era of global e-commerce, there are various channels for people to obtain information,naturally, people who are proficient in online shopping are more and more used to evaluate products and services by browsing product evaluation and pre-sales and after-sales service evaluation. Therefore, good product praise and customer service reputation is often the most important decision factor for online consumers to submit orders. For those international enterprises pursuing long-term development, excellent customer service quality is the core force to stabilize their overseas market position.

In addition, with the continuous improvement of people’s purchasing power, in the case of serious homogenization of products, the traditional competitive advantages such as price, gorgeous product description, gorgeous product pictures, and the vigorous promotion of advertising are gradually weakening. High quality service is leaping to the top of consumer demand, which has become one of the important reasons why online shopping consumers in various regions of the world support a brand for a long time.

In the contemporary society, the relationship between brand and customer service is more close than ever, especially for cross-border enterprises and businesses that are planning or have expanded overseas markets but are not proficient in regional language and cultural differences, they must strive to provide localized and personalized services and support for customers in the target market.

For many cross-border enterprises that have just come into contact with the Chinese market, the first task should be to promote and operate their own stores, and focus on the core business, because there will be more things at the beginning, and the stores are not stable. At this time, outsourcing customer service not only solves the problems of language barriers, high employment costs, unprofessional training, scheduling difficulties and so on, but also can quickly carry out the operation of the store and reduce the time cost.

In the face of so many customer service outsourcing agencies in the market, choosing which one to cooperate with has become a problem for many overseas enterprises.People afraid it costs a lot of money, but the effect seems not as good as the publicity. is a digital marketing website that provides a series of help services for overseas enterprises who want to carry out business in China. It has a professional team to operate in the aspect of customer service. The customer service staff will carry out regular assessment on soft skills and product knowledge, so as to reduce the return refund rate of consumers, reduce the seller’s bad comments, and improve sales conversion rate and repurchase rate, so as to drive the sales volume of e-commerce and strengthen the brand reputation. Besides, customer service also includes the company’s website and a variety of APP online customer service.

Nowadays, service outsourcing has become a trend, oly by simplifying things can we achieve higher efficiency.