How is the development of meal replacement shake in China?

Posted by Admin on May 17, 2021 in Chinese market

Recently, with the increasing number of obese people in China, the state has issued a series of policies calling for reasonable diet as an important means of health intervention. The favorable policies undoubtedly stimulate the innovative development of meal replacement food. Coupled with the social media, the demand for health, body management and anxiety gradually spread, people’s pursuit of health has become more urgent, and the market education of meal replacement has finally become a new concept known to all ages.

At present, the meal replacement market is still dominated by meal replacement powder, meal replacement shake, meal replacement stick and other categories. At the same time, more meal replacement products are emerging in different “faces” to meet the increasingly segmented market demand. The main subdivisions of meal replacement include weight management, snacks and convenient meals. At present, in the meal replacement market, weight management meal replacement products are popular among many people because of their balanced nutrition, significant effect and convenient eating.

In today’s situation, the brand concentration of China’s meal replacement is not high, and the 10 billion level market also means the opportunity to create new giants and a high elimination rate. From the perspective of meal replacement shake market, the rapid development of bottled meal replacement shake market makes traditional and new brands at home and abroad launch meal replacement shake products one after another, and the competition is approaching white hot.

According to relevant statistics, the brands of meal replacement shakes in the Chinese market can be roughly divided into the following categories:

New consumer brands. With the double blessing of market and capital, many new consumer brands have emerged in this track. Such as Wonderlab, LePur’, Smeal, etc. The breakthrough of such brands is often the result of capital, product and marketing. Because of their obvious Internet gene, these brands often open up their popularity through star endorsement, blogger promotion, live commerce and other means, mainly through online channels.

Traditional food enterprises entered this market. In june 2020, PepsiCo launched its first meal replacement shake product under Guige brand; In August, Bestore launched the brand of “Bestgym”; In October, the traditional food giant will make the meal replacement shake from the small crowd to the public through the education market.

Health industry related enterprises to broaden the product line. Whether it is the health management app distributes meal replacement shake products through own food line, or the entry of traditional nutritional dietary supplement enterprises such as Herbalife and BY-HEALTH, or the transboundary pharmaceutical enterprises such as Jiangzhong Diet Therapy and Taisho Pharmaceutical, it has promoted the further expansion of meal replacement shake track.

In recent years, more and more china consumers measure their food by calories and nutrition, but as a country of eating, most people still like to enjoy delicious food very much. As a result, there are various flavors of meal replacement shakes on the market, such as vanilla shakes, grape shakes, chocolate shakes and so on.

As a new concept of meal replacement food, bottled milk shake has the highest acceptance in the first and second tier cities in China. Bottled milkshakes accounted for more than three quarters of bottled alternative products in July 2018-june 2019. Among them, the post-90s is the main consumer of bottled milkshake, accounting for more than a quarter of the consumption. In addition, women consumers contribute five times as much to bottled milkshakes as men.

The main sales channel of meal replacement shakes is still online, and it is difficult for the offline market to sink, which also means that the frequency of meal replacement shakes in the daily consumption scenes of consumers is low, and it does not reach most consumers. meal replacement shakes started relatively late in the Chinese market, and the low channel penetration may be one reason, but the more important reason may be that meal replacement shakes have not yet opened a larger audience market. The users of meal replacement shakes are portrayed as young female white-collar workers and students in first and second tier cities, not mass consumer goods. Another reason is that the price of milkshakes on the market is not low, mainly concentrated in the price band of 10-15 yuan.

However, the development prospect of Chinese meal replacement shakes is still considerable. According to Euromonitor International report, China is currently the fastest growing meal replacement market in the world, and the market scale is expected to reach 120 billion yuan in 2022.