How much do you know about Douyin influencer marketing?

Posted by Admin on April 2, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

The data released by Douyin official in June 2018 shows, the daily active users of Douyin reached 150 million. Powerful traffic bonus brings brand new marketing channels. Lots of brands make advertising on Douyin for a try while Douyin is so popular, which brings new vitality and new revenue to the brand.

According to the survey, the number of Internet influencers in China in 2016 has exceeded 1 million. In 2018, the number of Internet influencers with more than 100000 fans increased by 51% year on year, and the number of top Internet influencers with more than 1 million fans increased by 23%. As of April 2018, the total number of China’s online fans has reached 588 million, accounting for 53.9% of the total number of people under the age of 25. While the number of Internet influencers and the scale of fans are both increasing, the liquidity of Internet influencers is increasing. As of April 2018, the annual growth of Gmv of Internet influencers e-commerce reached 62%.

In China, advertisers use Internet influencer marketing to promote brand like a raging fire, it seems to be the most popular moment. Especially Douyin influencer marketing, because in China, Douyin content has become the “reading material” of most people in their leisure time, occupying most young people’s time. Because of the strong filter and beauty function and strong background music that brings people into the scene at that time, there are so many beautiful women and handsome men. Of course, in addition to good appearance, there is also a part to rely on their own expertise to get a lot of attention, such as singing, dancing, make-up, dressing, cooking, funny videos, knowledge explanation and so on. Chinese young people seem to believe more in what Internet influencers say, and they are more likely to accept the products recommended by Internet influencers. The word “Internet influencer” has always been very popular in China, which can often bring a high degree of popularity. Adding the word “Internet influencer” in front of some products will soon arouse consumers’ interest and urge them to try, maybe it’s curiosity or trying something new.

It has to be said that in China, Internet influencers have more influence than stars in promoting brands. Internet influencers are growing up from an ordinary user, and the gap between Internet influencers and their fans is not very big, and the sense of distance is not so strong. At the beginning, they are very real to share their own life or useful products, giving fans a strong sense of reliability. While, star, what you see is only the role image presented in the film and TV series, and what are their real personality you know little, and for the product endorsements they received, we all know that it’s just a way to make money. Maybe the stars themselves don’t know whether the product is really so useful, and Internet influencers are fans who have been paying attention to them, and have a better understanding of them, and fans are more reliable in the products they recommend, so in the field of marketing, Internet influencers has more advantages.

In content, Douyin is developing rapidly from Pan entertainment to vertical development, and vertical Internet influencer is available in all walks of life. The market is more subdivided, and the commercialization of vertical industries is deepening. Nowadays, “Internet influencer marketing” has become the mainstream of the Douyin operation.

Soft advertisement is a popular way for Internet influencer to make brand or product promotion on Douyin. For example, China Short video creators-Papijiang, released her first ad on Douyin APP in April 19th. It’s nothing new for Papi to make ads, but every time she dose this, it seems to bring up a wave of topics. This time, the first advertisement of Douyin has continued her consistent style, she plays two role and begins with a tsukkomi paragraph, then cleverly implanted the new cocktail drink “mojit” of Coffee Box. This short video got more than 60000 likes and more than 800 comments in 24hours, at the same time, this advertisement caused a surge in orders from mogito.

Usually, Douyin influencer marketing has following ways:

1.Video implantation – product information is implanted into the video of Internet influencerand released. Including the way that the product directly shows, and the way that the Internet influencer has a try on products what need to be promoted.

2.Share the link in the comment area, and users who need it can click to understand or buy it directly.

3.The advertiser records the video and publishes it with Internet influencer’s account, this way is suitable for game industry.

4.Internet influencer recommends products to their fans directly, by analyzing more advantages of it, meanwhile, pointing out a few shortcomings, but, these disadvantages are compared with the advantages can be ignored.

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