How much do you know about Taobao live streaming?

Posted by Admin on April 9, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

According to public data, the number of live streaming online users in China exceeded 500 million in 2019. In the statistical report on the development of Internet in China released in August 2019, the number of Internet users in China is 854 million. This is equivalent to between every two netizens there is one watching the live streaming.

Taobao live streaming is the fastest growing e-commerce live streaming platform at present, and madness is people’s common feeling about it. According to AI media consulting data, Taobao ranks first among the top 10 live streaming platforms that respondents often use for shopping, accounting for 48.18%.

Taobao live streaming started trial operation in March 2016 and was released on April 21, 2016. Before the Spring Festival in 2019, Taobao live streaming app was officially launched. Taobao live streaming is a live streaming platform launched by Alibaba, which is positioned as “consumer live streaming”, users can buy while watching. Every night from 8:00 to 10:00 is Taobao live streaming the most active period of time, order volume is also very huge.

There are only two kinds of live streaming in the world, Taobao live streaming and other live streaming.

Because there are various live streaming, live streaming technology of many other platforms initially serves for showing the talent of singing and dancing, but when it comes to business, the requirements for technology are very different.

For example, the requirement of “time delay”. Taobao every live commerce is actually a “small double 11”, there are a lot of sec-killings, rush to buy play. Anchor need shout “3, 2, 1, link” or other tips, after shouting must ensure that consumers everywhere see the link at the same time, can go to buy fairly. These demands do not exist in the show live streaming, so it doesn’t matter that many shows live streaming have a delay of as much as seven or eight seconds, but Taobao can achieve a delay of less than 1.4 seconds.

Taobao also has a small function of “playback”. Taobao is the only live streaming platform with playback, and there are also “points” in the playback, that is, there are small points on the progress bar, which can tell consumers what the anchor is talking about, and then you can jump to the explanation segment of this commodity.

Playback is very important for live commerce. Some Taobao anchors say that 15% of their transactions in a live streaming are realized through playback. Moreover, many consumers have to go to the replay to find the product details page, customer service and so on after watching the live streaming and shopping.

It is precisely because of this attitude towards details and professionalism that Taobao live streaming has always occupied the leading position of live commerce platform.

In 2019, when the e-commerce anchor rose at the speed of rocket, two figures came into the public’s view, one was “lipstick elder brother” Li Jiaqi, the other was Viya the queen of Taobao. They were really the leaders of the live commerce industry.

From cars and rockets to snacks and clothes, there are few things that Viya doesn’t sell. Netizens also call her “Doraemon Viya.”. Online selling rockets, 40 million transactions; online selling houses, 814 sets in 20 minutes; helping Yuan Longping promote rice, 860000 catties in one minute. Li Jiaqi, on Tmall’s “double 11” in 2018, sold lipstick PK with Ma Yun, defeated Ma Yun and became “lipstick elder brother”. During “618” this year, Li Jiaqi made a new record in Taobao live streaming: 150000 lip glazes were sold in one live streaming, and 5000 Shiseido Red Waist were sold in three minutes.

In China, it has become a habit to watch live streaming for most people. When you need to buy something recently, you will go to their live streaming room to see if there are what you want, because the price of the live streaming room will be much lower than usual. And when you buy a more cost-effective product from the live streaming and have a good experience, you will find it addictive to watch the live streaming. There is nothing you need sometimes, but when you see that a product you are interested in is very cheap, you can’t help placing an order. So now more and more businesses are looking for suitable Taobao anchor cooperation, the effect is very obvious.

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