How much do you know about wechat?

Posted by Admin on May 10, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

Wechat is the most popular social app in China, Chinese use wechat to communicate with each other, share life with friends, and consolidate feelings. When asked what kind of software wechat is, the simple answer is that it is a tool for chatting, but is that really the case?

Now wechat is far more than just a chat tool. In fact, its status has far exceeded QQ and become an operating system. Chinese people spend more than 40% of their time on wechat every day.

Wechat mainly has the following functional modules:


When there is no wechat news for the time being, you may habitually browse your wechat moments to see what interesting things your acquaintances and friends have shared during this period. For individuals, the significance of moments is to record personal life and share personal interests. However, for wechat business, the moments is a huge pool of private traffic and a good place to make money. In 2013, some shoes and bags with clear price tag began to appear in the moments, which can be said to be the earliest prototype of wechat business. With the popularity of wechat business’ s facial mask, all kinds of wechat businesses have sprung up. 2014 has become a spring in the development of wechat business.

Official account

The official account of WeChat is a commercial platform for media operators and a platform for users to understand commercial products. The official account is the window to the outside world that many enterprises must have. A good official account can create a very positive brand image; Some promotional activities, marketing hotspots, can be directly informed of users in the official account, and customers who follow relevant official account must be better than those who don’t follow; The official account can often do some small activities, such as prize winning quiz, and user contribution, etc., to raise fans’ attention to the company; Another function of official account is the public relations window of enterprises, especially after the official account is certified, which is more convincing, it can set up an authoritative image in the minds of users, about some products knowledge and information, it is easy to for customers to inquire.

Mini program

Wechat mini program is an application that can be used without downloading, but also an innovation. After nearly two years of development, a new wechat mini program development environment and developer ecology have been constructed. Wechat mini programs are also an innovative achievement that can really affect ordinary programmers in China’s IT industry over the years. More than 1.5 million developers have joined in the development of wechat mini programs. The number of wechat mini programs exceed one million, covering more than 200 industry segments, with 200 million daily users. Wechat mini programs also support subway and bus services in many cities. The development of wechat mini programs has brought more employment opportunities. In 2017, 1.04 million people were employed by wechat mini programs, and the social effect has been continuously improved.


Channels is a platform for recording and creation, which allows users to record and share life and ideas through videos or pictures. Different from the moments, the content of momnets can only be accessed by friends, while the content released in the channels can be accessed by the public. In other words, the channels belongs to a window to understand others and the world.

In addition to these functions, users can also directly carry out shopping, payment and other activities on wechat. It is because of the convenience of wechat that it is easy to penetrate into people’s basic necessities of life. Now to meet new friends or new customers, people all say “add a wechat” or “I’ll scan you”, instead of “what’s your mobile phone number?”

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