How much do you know about Xiaohongshu marketing?

Posted by Admin on March 30, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

Founded in 2013, Xiaohongshu has grown into the world’s largest consumer word-of-mouth library and community e-commerce platform in just four years through deep cultivation of UGC (User Generated Content) shopping sharing community. It has become an essential “magic shopping tool” for more than 50 million young consumers in more than 200 countries and regions. According to statistics, Xiaohongshu has more than 100 million monthly active young users, most of whom are in the post-90s generation. In 2020, they published nearly 300 million notes in LXiaohongshu, generating nearly 100 million searches a day, this is because most young people will refer to the Xiaohongshu when they make their lifestyle choices. In this view of life, the real life experience and sharing can stimulate the huge consumption potential of young people.

Xiaohongshu bloggers will resonate with other users and attract many people to buy the same product by sharing the good things they have experienced. The user traffic reflects the reputation and popularity, which attracts the partners to pay for the promotion and get rich returns. Partners win reputation and bloggers gain economic value.

Compared with other marketing methods, what are the advantages of Xiaohongshu?

Xiaohongshu has become the “mainstream choice” of post-95 shopping decisions. The reason is that Xiaohongshu community contains the richest and high-quality lifestyle content in the entire network. No matter what kind of lifestyle consumers want to know, they can saw the notes shared by thousands of “Xiaohongshu users” and the latest and most detailed assessments.

In Xiaohongshu, users spontaneously share the notes of product use experience, which are referenceable and extremely attractive to ordinary users, and can effectively arouse the audience’s desire to buy; product links are directly embedded in the content and users can purchase promptly; At the same time, insert notes published by users in the product purchase page to provide real cases and comment support for product sales, form a reliable marketing closed loop, bring users a good consumption experience, and attract users to retain.

Secondly, in this era of consumption upgrading, the high-quality living community built by exquisite people has a strong attraction for people who pursue high-quality life. At the same time, Xiaohongshu highly manages the content of notes, attracts the audience with real user notes full of insightful ideas, touches the resonance of users with true feelings, and comprehensively improves the stickiness and activity of users.

Xiaohongshu invites stars and Internet influencers to be its users, attracting a huge fan base, increasing the number of users, and increasing the brand’s voice.Things you need to know before making advertisements on Xiaohongshu.

1.Xiaohongshu platform users are currently close to more than 200 million, 90% of users are high-spending women in first- and second-tier cities.

2.The topics that users of Xiaohongshuare most interested in are cosmetics, skin care, mother and baby, clothing, offline medical beauty, etc.

3.The promotion of Xiaohongshu is divided into common people, Internet influencer (bottom, waist, head), stars, and also includes SEO in the Xiaohongshu site.

Among them, Internet influencer marketing is one of the most influential promotion methods in the marketing of Xiaohongshu. As the makeup brand of the light of domestic products-Perfect Diary, which becomes very popular in just a few years, Xiaohongshu Internet influencer marketing has played a great role.

Different from those traditional foreign beauty brands sticking to the offline market, Perfect Diary started from the relatively weak e-commerce channel of overseas brands at the beginning, gained the opportunity of growth and realized overtaking on the curve. In the operation of the brand, Perfect Diary makes star advertisements, invites head ,waist Internet influencers and common users share notes about products of Perfect Diary on Xiaohongshu. 

Online marketing makes Perfect Diary quickly occupy the leading position of domestic brands: in 2018,Tmall double 12, Perfect Diary won the first place in Tmall makeup list for the first time, far exceeding foreign brands such as Maybelline and L’Oreal; in 2019,Ttmall double 11 global carnival, Perfect Diary broke through 100 million yuan in only 13 minutes, and the brand sales in 28 minutes exceeded that in 2018, and became the first domestic brand on the top of the list of Tmall’s double 11 cosmetics. The rapid development of the Internet gives the perfect opportunity to overtake at the corner.

What are the marketing strategies of Xiaohongshu influencer?

1.Recommendation of star and Internet influencer

With the help of the star and Internet influencer, let the brand or product break out in a short time, and guide consumption on the premise of sharing.

2.Internet influencers unite to monopolize the screen

From one  to dozens of Internet influencers recommend product or brand together to attract the attention of most users.

3.Product evaluation

After evaluating the product, Internet influencer shares her own experience. In the eyes of consumers, this way has higher credibility and they are easier to be persuaded to buy the product.

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