How New Zealand skin care brand——Geoskincare became so popular in China?

Posted by Admin on May 5, 2021 in Brands in China

The brand of geoskincare belongs to nzskincare Company Ltd, a New Zealand based company established in 2000. It is committed to providing safe and efficient skin care products for the public and beauty loving women, maintaining the ideal state of skin and solving the needs of skin care.

In 2014, geoskincare officially landed in China. At the beginning, geoskincare mainly developed offline, and has been in a low-key state. In the second half of 2019, geoskincare’s Shuining Qingrun isolation cream is popular all over the network, becoming a large single product with monthly sales exceeding 500000. Until 2020, geoskincare ‘s isolation cream has a stable monthly sales of more than 500000 in Tmall and Taobao, and is the sales champion of similar products for two consecutive times.

Marketing has always been an important part of the beauty brand, and now the rise of many new brands has a close relationship with Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Taobao, and other platforms.

Geoskincare also captured the dividend. In the initial marketing, they have been looking for traffic gathering place, and put the effect in the first place, which also delimited the initial moat for them.

In 2018, Xiaohongshu recruited a large number of stars to join in. Geoskincare seized the opportunity to quickly cooperate with a number of stars and net influencers to recommend the products, repeatedly strengthening users’ understanding of geoskincare and attracting them to buy and share.

When the industry still has a wait-and-see attitude towards live commerce, geoskincare has entered the market. The accurate capture of new channels makes it the “first eating crab” brand. The first station of geoskincare live streaming chose to cooperate with Weiya, the head anchor of Taobao live, which also laid the foundation for geoskincare live commerce to choose the head anchor of the platform.

In addition, geoskincare clips the live video of Viya promoting its products to a short video, and this short video appears frequently in Douyin; bloggers also test their products densely, and put videos on Douyin. The direct effect of this “overwhelming” promotion video is to make people feel that the brand is “popular ” and stimulate the purchase desire of new users.

Nowadays, with the information of skin care industry becoming more and more transparent, more and more consumers begin to pay attention to brand endorsement, product composition, and consumption tends to be rational. Therefore, it is easy to understand why the current media platform has become an important marketing battlefield.

It is worthwhile to draw lessons from geoskincare, which only focuses on promoting several products such as “Water Mask”, “Makeup Base” and “Cleansing Mask”. In fact, the brand currently has about 50 products. In recent years, more and more beauty brands have achieved explosive growth through similar strategies. On the one hand, with a single category or several single products as a breakthrough, online channels can quickly establish word-of-mouth and brand awareness, with low trial and error costs and relatively controllable risks. On the other hand, it is also a more feasible development path when large beauty groups occupy a strong market share.

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