How to advertise on Baidu?

Posted by Admin on March 5, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, which responds to billions of search requests from more than 100 countries and regions every day. It is the most important entrance for Internet users to obtain Chinese information. Baidu is also China’s largest Internet integrated service company with information and knowledge as the core, and the world’s leading artificial intelligence platform company. In 2019, the number of Baidu users exceed 1 billion, the daily active users of Baidu app are 222 million, and the information flow ranks first in China. In China, 856000 companies are using Baidu marketing.


Baidu marketing has won the favor of most advertisers through the following three aspects:

1. full range, multi scenario, user super traffic – billions of search requests per day, more than 100 million users browse Baidu information flow and 80 billion positioning service requests, covering the whole scene of user life. It is mainly divided into two scenes. Online scenes include Baidu search engine, Baidu news, Baidu reading, Baijia, Baidu map, etc. Offline scenes include cinema, smart TV, supermarket, shopping mall, KTV, restaurant and a series of daily life entertainment scenes.

2.Show ads to accurate users – with the help of industry-leading Baidu search and information flow recommendation, more than 2 million features can identify each user’s real needs and interests. User portraits are mainly determined according to browsing orientation, visiting orientation, post bar orientation, mobile orientation, geographical location, basic information, user interest and social relationship.

3.AI technology makes advertising easier.

Automatically complete the creativity – use AI to complete the original creativity, give the machine perceptual ability through AI modeling + big data, automatically complete the creative production, save costs and improve efficiency.

Automatic optimization – according to the browsing behavior of the people who click the ads and their landing pages, AI analyzes and imitates the ads, automatically optimizes the advertising intention, and automatically adjusts the bid according to the advertising conversion rate of customers.

Multiple combination Advertising – Baidu brain builds a 7 * 24-hour deep learning model for each user, automatically identifies information content, and makes real-time follow-up investment of highly relevant product advertisements behind the content.


The main types of Baidu marketing advertising are search promotion, information flow promotion, multi screen promotion and open screen promotion.

Search promotion is based on Baidu search, the world’s largest Chinese search engine, which displays the promotion information of customers in a prominent position of search results. It includes standard search promotion, brand zone, knowledge marketing, commodity promotion, local promotion, APP promotion and other forms, which are triggered by keywords or brand words or product words.

Information flow promotion is the original advertisement interspersed in the information flow of Baidu app, Baidu home page, post bar, Baidu mobile browser and other platforms, and the advertisement is the content, which can be viewed by potential customers naturally.

By aggregating multiple types of screens, multi screen promotion can touch consumers’ multi scene life moments, realize online and offline advertising integration and precise procedural advertising. Relying on Baidu’s big data and AI advantages, Baidu multi screen promotion is committed to solving various pain points of current customer advertising, creating a new brand promotion experience, and bringing new impetus to customer revenue growth. Baidu multi screen promotion covers 31 provinces and cities in China, with 300000 + screens and a daily flow of 300000 +. It covers all scenes of daily life, such as cinemas, buildings, travel, family and life services.

Baidu’s open screen promotion integrates Baidu’s high-quality brand advertising flow and makes strong brand exposure in the form of APP open screen advertising. Baidu app open screen promotion, covering first tier and second tier cities with 56.2% of young people under 25 years old, 600 million + installed capacity and 100 million + active users every day. Baidu product application open screen promotion, carefully selects brand display resources with large exposure and strong display, with an installed capacity of 520 million +, full scene coverage and first screen display.

How to advertise on Baidu?

First of all, you need to apply to open a Baidu promotion account. At present, Baidu only has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Baidu headquarters has unified regulations, in addition to these places, you can directly find Baidu promotion departments, and other provinces can only go to local agents to do Baidu promotion. And the audit is done by the headquarters, even go to Baidu headquarters to open account, but also will return the business to the local agent, so as to ensure that the market order is not chaotic.

What are the conditions for advertising on Baidu?

First of all, we need to build a website, or build a web page on other enterprise platforms.

In addition, it also needs to pass the enterprise customer qualification audit .

In order to ensure that the promotion information is true and effective, and to build an honest and healthy network business environment, Baidu has formulated different customer qualification audit requirements for different industries, and needs to provide business license, ICP record, industry qualification and other materials.


How to charge for advertising on Baidu?

Baidu advertising adopts the prepaid system: the first account only needs to pay advance promotion fees and service fees(The service fee and advance promotion fee may change according to the regional situation, and the specific fee shall be separately agreed by the customer and the service provider) After the service is opened, customers can choose keywords and set advertising plans. When search users click on customers’ promotion information to visit the website, the system will charge a click fee from the pre stored promotion fee, each click fee depends on customers’ bid, quality and ranking of key words. Customers can control it by adjusting the advertising budget to control promotion costs. When advance deposit promotion fees in the account are finished, customers can continue to maintain or increase the promotion efforts, and get more customers and business through Baidu promotion.

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