How to advertise on Iqiyi–Chinese online video platform?

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China’s advertising industry has been changing with the progress of media and technology. Under the background of big data in the Internet era, Internet TV advertising has gradually become the dominant market. “2020 China Internet advertising data report” shows that in 2020, Internet advertising has maintained a growth trend of 13.85%; the scale of Internet marketing has exceeded the trillion mark, opening up a new road for the recovery of the real economy in the local era.

Due to the rich resources of online video platform and the convenience of unlimited time and place, more and more people have transferred from ordinary TV to online TV, which also provides new advertising positions for business owners. Compared with traditional TV advertising, online video advertising has a variety of forms, and it can be put accurately according to the user’s age, gender, geographical location, hobbies, etc., so as to make the advertising plan according to the different needs of enterprises; In addition, the audience range is also larger, and the user base of mainstream online video platform is large and stable, which will not be divided by different channels like traditional TV, so that the audience area is reduced and the advertising effect is relatively poor;There is also less interference and easier to be accepted by users,the advertising time is shorter than that of traditional TV ads, some ads can also be skipped, which will not make users resent.

Iqiyi is an online video platform under Baidu, which is a leader in China’s video industry. Iqiyi’s film and television content is rich and diverse, covering film, TV series, variety show, animation, music, education, science and technology and other multi content fields, and has attracted a large number of users’ attention through many independent and self-made plays / variety shows.

Why choose Iqiyi?

1. 170 million daily active users, 6.15 billion monthly viewing hours, 200 + head entertainment content, leading the online video industry.

2.Iqiyi has TV series, movies, variety shows, animation, mother and child, education, information and other different channels, covering different preferences and different needs of the crowd, and its users havehigh activity, high education, high income, young and other characteristics.

3.AI technology + big data accurate analysis of user portraits, multi-dimensional accuratelocking targeted promotion crowd and helping to achieve high transformation.

4.Diversified product matrix, such as brand exposure + effect transformation, can be flexibly combined to dig deep into users’ needs, real-time biddingoptimizes the effect, and comprehensively improves.

How to advertise on Iqiyi?

Iqiyi has a large number of advertising resources, including Pre-rolls before video playing, the pause picture in video playing, splash screen ads and other brand information flow advertising positions that meet the needs of advertisers to create a brand, as well as the channel information flow image and text style advertising, video playing style advertising, playing page information flow, social information flow and other resources that meet the needs of effect promotion.

Channel information flow ads are mainly displayed in Iqiyi recommendation page (home page), film, TV series, variety show, animation, hot program page, hot spots, local stations and other multi content long video channels and short video channels. The traffic of users is huge, and the advertising exposure rate is high. Advertising is pushed in the form of original content, which has high user acceptance and good transformation effect.

In the video playing box, 5s Pre-rolls, the first placement before video playback, supports Android and IOS double end display. 15s Pre-rolls before video playback, and the order is not fixed. When skipping the Pre-rolls, the banner advertisement is attached at the bottom of the play box to make a strong exposure. Pause advertisement shows when users pause playing video, pause depends on user behavior, with low user disturbance and high exposure.

Brand display advertisement, splash screen ads are the first entrance to Iqiyi, which strongly attract users’ attention, comprehensively display brand content and improve brand awareness.; Giant screen advertising is located at the top of Iqiyi’s home page, with the front advertising position and high exposure; The focus picture of local station closely distinguishes the users in the region and has strong regional attribute, which is conducive to shaping the local influence of brand. In order to meet the advertising needs of advertisers with large traffic and high exposure, Iqiyi launches brand advertising space in the video playing box and channel brand information flow advertising space, which can cover days, periods and traffic.

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