How to advertise on WeChat?

Posted by Admin on March 12, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

WeChat, as one of the most popular instant messaging social software in China, currently has more than 1.1 billion monthly active users. In the past, QQ was a social product for young people, and user groups are mainly the low age group and students. WeChat has realized the real sense of “taking all” the young and the old. WeChat is almost the standard configuration of mobile phones. Every day, 45 billion messages are sent out from WeChat, and 410 million video calls are successful. WeChat has replaced SMS and phone calls and become the biggest social tool for Chinese people.

People usually define WeChat as social software, while Tencent’s internal definition of WeChat is that WeChat is the ID that leads to the Internet world. To put it simply, WeChat is your ID card for surfing the Internet. In WeChat, you can fulfill all the needs of life, such as socializing, traveling, eating, drinking, reading, paying and so on. The most horrible thing is the official account. Now almost every government department and enterprise has launched official account service. WeChat has become the office of government departments and the business hall of enterprise.

“If WeChat is a person, it must be our closest friend, because we spend so much time on WeChat ”–Zhang Xiaolong(Founder of WeChat)

Due to the unique advantage of WeChat, many enterprises focus on WeChat, because one of the most effective strategies to achieve the brand goal is to directly enter the most popular platform in the region.

Advantages of WeChat marketing

High information reception rate

The effect of network marketing is positively related to whether the pushed information can reach the user terminal accurately. In the process of Weibo marketing, Weibo released by businesses are easily submerged in the user information flow. But WeChat is not so, as long as users follow the official account of the enterprise, each message is sent in the form of push notification, thus ensuring that 100% of the information can reach the subscriber’s mobile phone.

High information exposure

From the audience’s reception rate of information, the reception rate of information is not equal to the exposure rate of information. For example, a lot of e-mails are directly sent to the dustbin or deleted without being opened for reading. However, WeChat has strong reminders, such as ring tones, notification centers, corner markers and so on. In this way, the information pushed through WeChat has a high exposure rate. If the information to be pushed is optimized, it can basically achieve 100% high exposure.

Clear user positioning

WeChat is convenient in communication. In order to increase the number of fans, businesses will send out a lot of bait to induce users to actively subscribe. In this way, the accuracy of increased fans is very high. In addition, WeChat official account can group users through the background and use big data to do marketing.

Various contents forms

WeChat supports text, voice, picture, video, etc. when pushing messages, rich graphic information can further shorten the distance with users, and the user’s experience is improved.

The first step to starting your own WeChat business is creating an account. In addition to being able to create a personal profile, WeChat also offers the option of opening an official account through which the company can increase its brand awareness and engagement with customers. In addition, it is also possible to create real advertising campaigns. Therefore, there are many foreign brands use WeChat as the main portal for their advertising.

There are 2 types of official accounts the service account and the subscription account:

Service accounts appear in the “chat” section like any contact. As a result, they offer greater visibility than subscription accounts, however, only four posts per month can be published.

The subscription accounts are grouped in a sort of folder called, precisely, “subscription” visible in the “chat” section of WeChat. Through this type of account, you can send your followers more than one push notification per day.

The second step is to create your brand mini program. Compared to app and official account, “No installation, no space, no push message” has become its obvious advantages,only retaining the most basic functions, and the user operation is more targeted. Users can use mini program to buy takeaway food, hire shared bicycles, and let users do anything that can be reached at hand. By providing more convenience for users, to improve the user experience, and then increase the user’s favor for the brand.

The third step is to create a brand video account. With the help of WeChat’s traffic pool, official account and social relations chain of friends circle, WeChat’s marketing system has been further improved. Based on the acquaintance relationship chain in the circle of friends, the video account will actively push the content to users, their acquaintances, and even their acquaintances’ acquaintances. This kind of social attribute is conducive to brand promotion, content output, accurate user selection, and more extensive private domain traffic and influence.

In addition to using official account, mini program and video account to build corporate image, enhance brand influence, etc. WeChat advertising is an effective way to boost followers, however, this form of advertising is only available to companies with a WeChat official account.

WeChat platform is an important place for advertisers to attract fans. How to advertise on WeChat is a matter that every media people is thinking about and acting on. First of all, you need to understand the forms of WeChat advertising, it will definitely make people feel impatient to advertise in only one place over time.

Reading articles and browsing the WeChat moment are the main behaviors of WeChat users besides chatting. A user browsing moment 10 times a day on average, and the articles read each month add up to the thickness of one book. According to these characteristics of users, WeChat advertising mainly has the following types:

WeChat moment ads

WeChat moment advertising is based on WeChat ecosystem, which is displayed in user moment in the form of original content similar to friends’ words. By integrating the billion level high-quality user traffic and using the professional data processing algorithm, WeChat moment advertising provides a unique internet social promotion and marketing platform for advertisers in China.

At present, WeChat moment advertising supports the following forms:

Regular advertising——Making one advertisement just like sharing something in WeChat moments.

Basic card advertising——Integrating the outer of ideas into one card.

Label card advertising——Using tags to display key information to accurately attract interested users.

Action card advertising——The action button is displayed on the outer of the card to guide the user’s next action.

WeChat official account ads

WeChat official account advertising is based on WeChat public platform ecology, in the form similar to the article content of official account displays on the bottom of the article, the middle of the article, and other forms are mutual advertising, video Pre-rolls, returned commission goods advertising.

WeChat mini program ads

WeChat mini program advertising is based on mini program and mini game ecology, which uses professional data processing algorithm to make advertising system achieve controllable cost, considerable benefit and accurate touch. The ad space is in the mini program page, and the actual dispaly position is determined by mini program traffic owner, so the traffic scene is rich and diverse. Support for advertising space has mini program banner advertising, incentive advertising, interstitial.

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