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Posted by Admin on March 9, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

Weibo, a famous social media platform in China, was launched in August 2009. Users can access through a variety of mobile terminals such as PC and mobile phone, and realize real-time information sharing, communication and interaction in the form of text, picture, video and other multimedia. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, Weibo is based on information release and interactive communication, with a large number of users, becoming a huge traffic entrance.

 In addition, Weibo can meet the mobile and fragmented usage habits of users, which makes most users use Weibo with strong stickiness. Now, the hot search content updated every day on Weibo has become a must read for most Chinese netizens, because it can get to know the latest hot events as soon as possible. What’s more, food bloggers with different styles, young and beautiful fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers with varied makeup and funny bloggers who make people laugh have increased the user stickiness of different interests. In a word, Weibo is an information sharing and exchange platform to provide entertainment and leisure life services for the public, a great tool to measure the pulse of China and understand what the Chinese are discussing and which topics are trending. You can compare it with Twitter on that aspect.

So, Weibo is a great digital marketing tool to understand the Chinese market and which topics are relevant to your business.


Entertainment – the most comprehensive entertainment stars and information.

Life – reflecting the real life of netizens.

Happiness – sharing and discovering interesting news around people.

Naturally, Weibo has become a mass flow gathering place and an important position for brand promotion. The advantages of Weibo promotion mainly includes the following three aspects:

Massive touch – 431 million monthly live users, 190 million daily live users, covering 100 million high-quality Weibo users.

Accurate orientation – Weibo big data user profile, 4000 + user tags, 688 interest fields, and accurate orientation of target groups.

Multi dimensional communication – Star + KOL + hundreds of millions of users, social relations help multi-dimensional communication, ripple diffusion, focus on brand.

Weibo advertising mainly includes four types, namely Weibo Search Engine Promotion, Display Advertisements, Fan Pass, Fan Headline,  each type of advertising includes several different forms of expression, as follows:

Weibo Search Engine Promotion

The search bar on Weibo is always pre-loaded with search terms based on hot topics or advertising,and puts an account at or near the top of the results list when the suggested keywords are searched. The price for Weibo search engine promotion varies according to the popularity of keywords.

Popular search package, uses default search term in the search box of the discovery page guide users to click and know, and integrates results landing page.

Top search list, the top hot search events are automatically displayed on the search page, and the third is the advertising space. Users browse the list and search the landing page.

Search promotion, when users search keywords they can see the relevant account, home page, Weibo recommendation and understand more.

Search surprise, when users search the specified keywords, transparent animation will show, click it and jump to the activity details page.

Dispaly Advertisements

Display ads are banners of various dimensions on different pages of the mobile and webpage versions of Weibo. When users click on the ads, they’re directed to the advertiser’s homepage.

It includes static picture, dynamic picture, video, interactive advertising.

Fan Pass

Fan Pass is currently a popular promotion mode on Weibo, which belongs to the promotion mode of information flow. According to the style and industry of the blogger, we can select the targeted unfamiliar fans for compulsory delivery. It is a blog with the word “advertisement”.The daily active users of Weibo are about 200 million. This backstage can analyze and classify Weibo users according to their gender, personality, age and preferences. In the process of advertising, people can be selected, and users who are interested in the content or have recently searched or browsed the relevant content can be selected to view this ad. The promotion blog will appear in the third or seventh place on the homepage of the people who are viewers. In the process of advertising circulation, it exerts a subtle influence on the advertising viewers, so as to achieve more attention.

Its’ display forms include original blog post, big picture card, video card, one click purchase, H5 style, sudoku picture, text page banner and comment stream card.

Fan Headline

Fans Headlines are mainly lightweight promotion methods with their own fans as the core, which can make blog posts appear in the first item of the account and the first item of the information flow of their own fans’ popular pages, so that fans don’t miss the important information of the account, they are blog posts with the word “popular”.

It displays on Attention Group, Special Attention Group, Popular Weibo Area and Popular Search Result Page, and its forms are big picture card, video card, focus picture card and panoramic picture card.

In China, Coca Cola is a household name, which is a result of its continuous advertising. German psychologist Ebbinghaus’s forgetting curve tells people: the speed of forgetting a thing is not linear, but the speed of forgetting is faster at the beginning, and the speed of forgetting will be slower later. The theoretical guiding significance of this discovery is that any memory must be repeatedly strengthened and repeated before it is forgotten. Advertisers deeply understand this truth – to repeatedly deepen the impression before people forget, so as to establish a solid image, otherwise others will forget you. Whether it is the era of TV advertising or the era of Internet advertising, the coverage frequency is an indicator that brands are very concerned about when they make advertisements.

For any product, its advertising audience can be divided into high-frequency consumers, low-frequency consumers and non consumers. The mechanism of advertising to these three types of people is different. According to the classic advertising theory, the logic of advertising comes from four aspects: informing, persuading, reminding and strengthening.

For non consumers, the role of advertising is to cultivate popularity. That is, the role of advertising in the “informing and reminding”.

For mild consumer, the role of advertising is to cultivate reputation. That is “persuasion” in the role of advertising.

For heavy consumers, the role of advertising is to cultivate loyalty. In this case, the role of advertising becomes to strengthen the pride of loyal consumers.

Advertising is a very important factor in the success of brand promotion.

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