How to carry out effective marketing with the help of Bilibili content curators?

Posted by Admin on March 26, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

Bilibili starts from ACG (anime, comics and game ) and has the best ACG atmosphere. Of course, Bilibili is looking for a wider space, the platform content is more than ACG, and there are more than 20 divisions, Bilibili is accepting all kinds of users of various preferences, and food, beauty makeup, film and television, music, stars and other content also grow freely in Bilibili.

From the perspective of communication and cultural influence, Bilibili is no worse than any other content community. Since 2017, the retention rate of users in Bilibili has exceeded 80% in December,with 83 minutes of daily per capita usage, Bilibili has become the app with the highest per capita usage except for mobile games. Overall, we can find that Bilibili has three obvious characteristics:

1.User groups

According to the statistics of QuestMobile, by the end of last year, nearly 82% of the users of Bilibili were generation Z users, that is, the generation born in 90-09, most of them were middle school students and college students, who rely more on the Internet. More importantly, users of Bilibili are concentrated in the first and second tier cities, and have a strong willingness to pay. According to the statistics of Bilibili, college students and middle school students in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou account for more than half of the users of Bilibili.

2.Diversified content

Although Bilibili originated from the field of Two dimensions, with the expansion of users and the diversification of content, the traditional Two dimensions content only accounts for 30% of the total visit of Bilibili. Two dimensions derivatives such as games and music, and multiple interest content such as life, entertainment and fashion have become the main content of Bilibili.

3.High activity high user stickiness

Bilibili as a content community, core users have been relatively stable, and always maintain a high activity high user stickiness. Nowadays, almost all video websites have comments and bullet screens, but the number of bullet screens and video comments can’t surpass Bilibili. The culture of Bilibili can often influence the online culture of the Internet. An obvious example is that many Internet catchwords (such as qianfangaoneng,zhenxiang, danmuhuti, etc.) rely heavily on Bilibili bullet screen in their early dissemination.

Due to the characteristics of users, content and activity of Bilibili, there are several obvious advantages for brand marketing: suitable for young people, easy to drive brand topics, and higher acceptance of high-quality content-based advertising. Where there is traffic, there is marketing value, and Bilibili is increasingly becoming the battlefield of main brand marketing.

Close to double 11, the list of popular items appears frequently, which is dazzling, but whether it is worth buying or not is a big problem for every consumer. During this period, users of Bilibili are also eager to share their shopping experience. For Tmall, this is both an opportunity and a challenge. How to make the best use of this favorable time and location has become the key to Tmall’s double 11 marketing in 2019. Tmall and Bilibil open the double 11sharing and recommendation conference hand in hand, producing excellent content and creating crazy shopping atmosphere on the whole platform.

In the early stage, the “double 11 product experience officer” was launched to invite users to receive samples and release real experience, 50 brands and 79 products participated in the trial activities. In the later stage, the “double 11 hot products list” will be selected to guide users to share all-round feeling of products usage, which penetrates all circles, and covers all links before and after shopping.

The number of exposure and touch reached tens of millions of levels in the double 11 recommendation conference, more than ten thousand people signed up for the product experience officer, and 4500 + users contributed high-quality original content. 20000 + videos of hot products list were collected and got 160 million video views, breaking through all circles of fashion, digital, food and so on.

In Bilibili, the common promotion methods of content curators main content are as follows:

1.Creative short films, which are customized according to the needs of advertisers to interpret the brand or product demands in an all-round way.

2.Open the box video, introduce the packaging / connotation / function / experience of the product, and implant brand / marketing activity information.

3.Good things sharing,Bilibili content curatorslove to share good products with fans according to their own styles, which are mostly divided into seasonal / semi annual / annual / major categories / Shopping Festival list, etc.

4.Professional evaluation,content curators analyse advantages of products in a professional manner, usually are digital evaluation / skin care evaluation / shoes evaluation, etc.

5.Content implanting, content curators skillfully implants products into daily video content, seamlessly transferring product value, such as vlog implanting / chatting implanting, etc.

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