How to find Chinese internet influencer to sell goods with live streaming?

Posted by Admin on April 16, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

In 2020, China’s “live commerce” is on the upsurge, it is becoming an upsurge pursued by Chinese enterprises. Because of this, it’s not only the popular network anchor, but also the movie stars, hosts and local cadres who have entered the e-commerce live streaming room, which has set off a wave of nationwide live streaming. According to the statistics of the Ministry of Commerce, in the first quarter of 2020, China’s e-commerce live streaming exceeded 4 million. Nearly 6000 enterprises have been added to do live streaming in the first half of 2020 in China, compared with the first half of last year, the number of enterprises increase by 258%.

In such a situation, how can foreign enterprises seize this opportunity to use live streaming as a springboard for their brands to enter the Chinese market?

First you need to know that the sales platforms in China with most traffic are Taobao, Douyin and Kuaishou, and each of them has the following characteristics:

1.Taobao live, anchor selling is the most professional, conversion rate is the highest, representatives are Li Jiaqi and Weiya.

2.Kuaishou, is good at building characters, most consumer groups are in third and fourth tier cities, representative figure is Xinba.

3.Douin is good at content and entertainment, and the anchor starts with short video content. The representative figure is Luo Yonghao.

Of course, it’s not only the head anchor that can bring sales for products, the waist anchor also has great potential to bring goods, and the cost will not be as high as the head anchor. In the early stage, for enterprises that have just come into contact with live commerce, they should have a try and invest appropriate costs first, then adjust the promotion costs according to the actual situation in the later stage. For some less well-known products and enterprises, internet influencers have achieved the goal of promotion for the brand while selling goods, even if it could not achieve great results at that time, at least the live streaming has let consumers know about the brand.

After learning about the platform, you need to know how to find China Internet influencer to sell your goods wih live streaming. There are usually three ways to find suitable China internet influencer for cooperation.

1.Through some common social media to find those users who often discuss these products, and then through the social media’s own search function, tagging function to screen the internet influencer who can be cooperated with.

2.Through some platforms to search the corresponding internet influencers , and free to send some goods to them for evaluation.

3.Cooperate with MCN organizations to find internet influencer for live streaming, many internet influencers have signed agreements with organizations.

But the two former ways of cooperation are not so good and easy to be cheated, so now most enterprises are willing to directly find MCN organizations to match the right internet influencer. On the one hand, the MCN organization has internet influencers of all walks of life, can quickly match the anchor suitable for their customers. On the other hand, through the training and management of MCN organizations, the selling ability of anchor will be more professional than those without a team, and the credit will be more guaranteed. has a cooperative relationship with one of China’s well-known MCN organizations, and also has the strength that can not be underestimated in the aspect of matching China’s internet influencer to sell goods for overseas enterprises.

Generally, there are several ways to cooperate with inetrnet influencers:

1.Direct payment promotion, which is relatively risky for businesses, costs from thousands to hundreds of thousandsYuan in a live streaming, but the effect cannot be guaranteed.

2.The commission based on the proportion of sales amount is generally about 20% – 30%, which is the minimum risk to the business.

3.Promotion cost + sales commission combination, this is more common in the cooperation with internet influencers.

In the live streaming room, anchor and audience can interact in real time. If the audience has a sense of participation, it is easy to become a consumer. The anchor’s detailed explanation of the product and the consumer’s trust in the anchor enhance the consumer’s desire to buy. The appearance of real-time bullet screen also makes the consumers in front of the screen feel that the consumption process is not so boring, and the bullet screen also has a certain guidance. Once someone likes the products the anchor is introducing, they may lead other audiences to buy together in the bullet screen. The most important thing is the anchor’s control over the atmosphere of the live streaming room, the sensory impact brought by the anchor’s live unpacking, evaluation, introduction and use is not comparable to several pictures of traditional e-commerce.

In China, live commerce is easier for consumers to consume.

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