How to issue press releases in China?

Posted by Admin on April 13, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

With the development of economic globalization, more and more enterprises need to implement international strategy and sell their products to all over the world, which requires enterprises to have an international brand image. In order to open up the overseas market or create the international image of the brand, many enterprise brands will advertise overseas, such as regularly publishing enterprise news, new products, brand cooperation and other news, constantly improving overseas users’ awareness of the brand and increasing product credit endorsement.

Different from advertising and We Media, press release is a way to build brand trust, and the released press release will precipitate on the Internet and continue to spread through the search engine. For enterprises or brands, overseas news release is undoubtedly a cost-effective means of publicity, and overseas news release will become a must for them to expand their overseas market.

For enterprises that want to enter the Chinese market, because news marketing has a certain degree of professionalism, they need an implementation plan from the overall perspective. Therefore, only by choosing a professional Chinese network marketing company to release the press release can they have access to tens of thousands of Chinese mainstream network media resources, mainstream portal websites, key websites of various industries and regional stations, so as to maximize their satisfaction to meet the needs of press releases issued by enterprises in different industries.

In fact, there are three keys to carry out news marketing: first, to plan news marketing plan; second, to plan the title and content of news release; third, to coordinate media relations and issue news release.

1.The news marketing plan is a news marketing implementation plan formulated according to the company’s marketing strategy and needs. For example, in order to establish the brand image, the topic of news marketing needs to be launched around the brand and published on the authoritative and reliable portal media, so as to meet the marketing needs.

2.Good title and content are the key to the success of news marketing. In the process of reading, users can identify with the enterprise to achieve the purpose of marketing. attaches great importance to the title planning, content and writing skills of the press release. It not only sets up a professional planning team to plan and write the press release, but also provides senior network marketing consultants and SEO optimizers for each project to optimize the press release and check the topic direction, so as to pave the way for the outstanding effect of news marketing.

3.It’s better to choose the right page or the section gathered by potential users for the release of press releases. Another important point is to choose the media included by the search engine. In many cases, users visit the content of press releases through search, and few people go to the website to look for articles.

For small and medium-sized enterprises that have just come into contact with the Chinese market, they know little about China’s famous portal websites and high-quality media resources, and it is difficult to write a professional Chinese version of the press release. And a news release that conforms to the reading habits of Chinese people and is designed according to the psychology of Chinese consumers is easier to be included by Baidu, and the promotion value will be higher. At this time, it is particularly important to find a professional news release writing and publishing platform for cooperation. has a professional soft article planning and writing team, and has been working hard to produce creative soft article writing solutions for the enterprise, with the most real touch, attractive and provocative content, to make the communication in the user’s mind and change the audience’s view point and behavior, let the soft news to enhance the brand influence of enterprises. has more than 8000 media resources in China, covering most of the online media, professional and industrial media, domestic large-scale outdoor websites, local information ports, professional network portals and other diversified media forms. At the same time, has the following four advantages:

1.More quickly, quickly and accurately deliver information to the designated network media in minutes and seconds, so that information can be transmitted with the fastest efficiency.

2.More authoritative, promote in the form of news, quickly and cheaply improve the image of enterprises and products, and establish a positive image of enterprises.

3.Easy search, appear in the news search results of Baidu, 360 search and other search engines for the first time, and make it top.

4.Wide coverage, using news communication mode to promote can produce frequent news exposure. In addition, a large number of regional media, according to your regional needs, can be released to the precise media of various industries.

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