How to use Douyin short video to get Chinese customers?

Posted by Admin on March 18, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

Douyin is a short video social software incubated by Toutiao today. It was launched in September 20, 2016 and is a music short video community platform for all ages. Users can make the video more creative through the speed of video shooting, original special effects, filters, scene switching and other technologies. Douyin is mainly composed of electric and dance music, so most of the works on this platform are very rhythmic, and it is easy for viewers to immerse themselves in video content. Now, Douyin has become a way of entertainment for most Chinese.

According to Douyin data report in 2020, vibrant Douyin users exceeded 600 million, and the average daily video search times exceeded 400 million. The whole Douyin user persona is gender balance. The TGI is high in 19-30 years old, and the TGI in the new tier, three line and below cities is high. On the preference of video type, male users have higher preference for military, game and car, female users have higher preference for beauty, mother and baby, and wear. The post-00s generation, they have a high preference for games, electronic products and fashion wear videos. Post 1995-ers, they have a high preference for games, electronic products and wearing videos. The post-90s have a high preference for movies, mother and baby videos and food videos. The post-80s have a high preference for cars, mothers and babies, and food videos. In addition, integrating the data of APP per capita usage frequency and duration in the whole network, Douyin user stickiness is second only to the two social software WeChat and QQ, the users who spend more than 30 minutes per day on Douyin account for 38% of the total number of users.

A good tool for China marketing

1.High quality traffic

Almost all young users on Douyin, mainly in the age of 20 to 30, at the same time, they are all from the first and second tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen,, which not only the concept of consumption is strong, the frequency of consumption is high, but also the concept of payment is very strong, so the conversion rate of later realization is very high.

2.Strong commercial marketing

The community operation of Douyin is very strong from point to face. Therefore, Douyin gradually rises to “king of goods”, and the number of extension products promoted successfully was too many to count, and the communication effect achieved exceeded expectations. In addition, the Douyin function of online retailers-click on the icon will appear directly linked to the Taobao product recommendation,and the product recommendation is directly linked to Taobao.Taobao becomes a shareholder of Douyin which means Douyin will become the new online retailers’ traffic entrance.

How to use Douyin make effective marketing?

Douyin has shown strong communication and selling capabilities. Many brands are not satisfied with opening the enterprise’s Douyin account only. More and more brands are actively seeking cooperation channels and resources at the Douyin communication level. There are two main forms of Douyin advertising:

1.Paid advertising on Douyin

Spalsh screen advertising, this advertisement is displayed when the Douyin APP starts, covering the main consumer of new generation.

Information flow advertising, advertising displays in the Douyin information flow content with original style,associated account is powerful to get more fans, it supports sharing mode, a variety of advertising styles and effect optimization ways.

Challenge round topic,which is based on the form of Douyin challenge round, to realize the demand of brand promotion ,new marketing method, attracting users to participate actively and complete brand exposure. 

DOU+, a video heating tool specially designed for Douyin creators. It can not only effectively improve the video views, but also enhance the popularity of the video, and attract more interested users to interact and pay attention to it. This product has the characteristics of convenient operation and visual effect.

2. According to the budget, select the right Douyin internet influencer, to conduct creative communication and video recording, determine the online time of the video and track the later release effect.

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