How to use Youku for Network Marketing?

Posted by Admin on March 23, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

As the largest digital entertainment platform in China, Youku’s content system is composed of four main content matrixes of drama, variety show, film and animation, and eight vertical content groups of information, documentary, culture and finance, fashion life, music, sports, games and self channel, with the largest content library in China. More than 80% of the first-line TV dramas are gathered, and there are nearly 2000 copyrighted dramas, not to mention the coverage of variety shows, movies, animation and so on. Youku has a comprehensive coverage of mainstream users, with 580 million active users of multi screen terminals. In these aspects, Youku has an incomparable advantage over other platforms – sharing media influence.

Due to the development and promotion of the Internet, watching video online has become a way of entertainment for Chinese people. More and more advertisers focus on online video advertising. Video is more attractive than text, and the conversion rate is correspondingly higher. Compared with traditional TV advertising, advertising on Youku, Iqiyi and Tencent, the three major online video platform giants in China, can reach more potential customers, and there are many forms of advertising, and the advertising creativity is easy to be accepted by the audience. The most important thing is that through big data analysis, it can accurately make the target customers see advertisements, which makes the advertising effect better and reduces unnecessary cost of advertising.

Why choose Youku?

1.Strong user groups to enhance brand awareness and influence.

2.Powerful visual impact to transmit more rich three-dimensional content information.

3.The forms of advertisement that can’t be ignored and the innovative forms of advertisement.

4.More accurate audience coverage and efficient access.

Youku video platform has more comprehensive technical support, which can achieve accurate user identification, user analysis and realize cross screen integration and multiple directional advertising when making advertisement, and advertisers can set their own advertising budget and speed on Youku platform, which can effectively control the budget and avoid resource waste, Youku advertising can support multiple creative and landing pages associated with advertising materials.

What are Youku's advertising forms?

1.Pre-rolls, rich and three-dimensional advertising information, complete content display and good user experience.

2.Pause advertising, high advertising exposure, low interference, high conversion rate.

3.Corner sign advertising, presented on PC, displayed according to the market viewed by users, with low price and good effect of getting traffic.

4.Mobile full screen advertising, displayed in thePre-rolls position before video playing, the price is lower than the Pre-rolls, advertising click rate is high, cost is effective.

5.True viewadvertising, free duration, pays by effect.

6.Banner advertising, occupies a unique position, high conversion rate, cost controllable.

7.Splashscreen advertising, with strong exposure rate, suitable for customers who need brand exposure.

8.Information flow advertising, displays inthe original information form, with good user experience, can stimulate audience interaction and improve the click rate.

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