How to work with Weibo influencers in China?

Posted by Admin on March 25, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

In China, social influencer marketing has become the most important part of brand marketing strategy. Facing a wide range of products and businesses with different qualifications, Chinese consumers usually go to the Internet in advance to investigate the products they want to buy, so as to understand most consumers’ evaluation of the brand or product. In addition to the direct input of questions on the major search engines, the most common ways are to understand product comments on content sharing platforms such as Zhihu and Little Red Book, or watch relevant product evaluation videos and influencer suggestions from Weibo and Bilibili. Here, the influencers’ comments on products or brands become a reliable basis. In the eyes of ordinary consumers, most influencers are not short of money and have used products of many brands. Their feelings about the use of products are more straightforward and objective. Compared with traditional advertisements, there are few elements of fraud. In addition, because of influencers’ professional opinions in a vertical field, it will not make consumers feel forced to consume in the process of introducing products, but more like listening to a friend sharing a good product with them. Driven by such psychology, consumers are more likely to buy this product decisively. In the past few years, many brands have benefited from social influencer marketing, especially cooperating with those have a large number of fans.

Internet-famous products are very popular in China

The historical turning point for social influencer marketing to really become a marketing mode is based on the connection between social media and e-commerce platform, the fans’ purchasing power of e-commerce influencer has been released, creating a phenomenal “social influencer economy”. Especially for foreign brands, social influencer marketing has become their preferred weapon to leverage the Chinese market.

In China, there are many platforms for incubating social influencers, but the most influential is Weibo influencer marketing. The main ways of cooperation are as follows:

1.Brand Ambassador.

Cooperating with Weibo influencer who are in line with the brand positioning and have a large number of fans to let she or he speaks for your brand. Compared with asking Chinese stars to speak, the cost will be much less. On the other hand, the effect will be much better than traditional marketing methods.

2.Post video or advertorial.

When the number of fans of some social influencers is only medium-sized, and the advertising endorsement will not have a great effect, participating in some small and medium-sized advertising shooting can not only take care of the advertiser’s demand for star effect, but also obtain satisfaction from advertising shooting to achieve fame and fortune. Advertisers hope to have familiar faces of consumers in their advertising films, and product advertisements can carry out a wide range of viral promotion, so as to achieve the maximum cost performance of communication, which is in line with some characteristics of social influencers. Therefore, participating in advertising shooting has become a common way of making money for some less well-known social influencers.

3.Directly participate in the production of advertising content through live streamingor creative copywriting.

4.Use social platform to relayor push advertising content to participate in marketing.

5.Launch brand welfare activities to attract potential consumers.

There are some examples to prove the influence of Weibo influencer marketing.

In May 2018, Unilever’s new high-end washing and care brand-Verve, was ready to launch new products in China. They chose Internet influencer to help the new brand “break the ice” in the Chinese market. Through the off-site momentum and on-site sales, they sold 14000 bottles in three days. For an unknown foreign brand, this achievement is surprising.

Another brand, geoskincare, belongs to nzskincare Company Ltd of New Zealand, which was founded in 2000. It is committed to providing safe and efficient skin care products for the public and beauty loving women, maintaining the ideal state of skin and solving the needs of skin care. In this summer, it appeared in the public view through Weiya’s live streaming room, and then users were longed to buy this product crazily; and geoskincare also brought a new breakthrough in the transformation of Weibo e-commerce, enhancing users’ trust in products through Weibo inluencers’ influence, and the ROI increased significantly, it provides an immediate effect for brand transformation.

“Internet” has become a sales portal, “content” has become a reason for purchase, “opinion” has become a brand endorsement. This Sales closed loop based on brand, Internet influencer and consumers has been verified by the market. It can be seen that in the past, business pursued “brand + channel”, but now it pursues “Internet influencer + community”.

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