Internet celebrity marketing, which has become a popular channel for online promotion in recent years, which is a marketing strategy for companies to promote their products and services by working with popular social media users or self-media authors. Online celebrities usually attract a large and engaged audience, which brands can use to build credibility and even drive sales. Now, partnering with online celebrities is the number one marketing strategy for many brands. Some of the most popular online celebrities in China are Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu, Bilibili and others

Their own features


Douyin is a content-centric platform with strong distribution logic, which is easy to build, but not conducive to the development of social attributes. With volume and user portrait fit, douyin provides a lot of head Kol resources for the brand side, support Kol combined with brand features to excavate content creativity, lead the brand to better attract the target.


Kuaishou, prioritize traffic distribution based on users’ social concerns and interests, and focus on “page of interest” recommendations. Weak Management and control of direct “link” content creators and fans, deepen the stickiness of both sides, and make a high degree of trust. In Commercial Monetization, compared to the advertising marketing-based Douyin, Kuaishou rely on a unique “good freiend relations” in the live broadcast field has more advantages. The user pursues the high performance-to-price ratio and practical commodity, the electronic commerce development is mature.

Xiaohongshu, the current content in the form are text notes and short video, beauty and skin care are the core advantage category. It creates a high activity, high user stickiness of the sharing community, through the establishment of their own mall, to achieve a commercial ecological closed loop from Recommendation to consumption. User profile for the first-and second-tier cities are Women born after 1990, whose purchasing power is strong.


Bilibili is a high viscosity, high activity, high content quality video community with Barrages, user profile for the first line and coastal cities are guys born after 1990, fans and UP master have strong sticky relationship , video content is based on animation, Games and life-based, coorprate with Taobao, secondary peripheral, Ip derivatives with great cargo potential. Up Owners often get a lot of support from their fans for carrying content in their videos, because Bilibili users are willing to pay for quality content.



What can we do for you

It’s more cost-effective than having a super star.

High user stickiness makes consumption conversion rate high.

Real sharing is easier to increase brand impact.




1.Brand analysis and budget input.

2.Choose online celebrities who match the product’s positioning, and have a significant number of loyal fans.

3.Develop appropriate activities.

4.Make recommendations based on feedback.