Influencer Selling

In 2020, “live commerce” is definitely one of the hottest phenomena. Compared with the traditional TV shopping programs, the more interactive and diversified scenes are the important factors for the live mode to attract e-commerce. Social media influencer has a considerable base of fans and fans’ own filter function, which greatly improves the cashability of media influencer in live stream, and makes the rapid development of social media influencer economy. This business model has been quite mature in China. Among them, Li Jiaqi, sold 15000 lipsticks in five minutes, Weiya sold out 267 million goods in two hours, and Zhang dayi’s shop sold more than 100 million in 28 minutes , all of which showed the advantages of online celebrities.

Enterprise generally divide users into three categories. The first category is users who have purchase intention and have clear purchase target. The second type of users are those who have the intention to purchase but have no definite purchase target. The third type of users are those who have no intention to buy. In the traditional sense, enterprise are generally faced with the first two types of users, and the advantage of live commerce is to promote successful transformation of the third type of users who have no purchase intention by recommend products in guiding content.


Content form is more intuitive, users can directly see the effect of the use of goods.

Online celebrity identity increases trust and distinguishes the product introduction of the store. We all believe that the anchor who is also the buyer will give real feedback.

In the selection of products, which meet the user’s inert physiology, they can directly purchase with goods links.

Attract consumption in the form of coupons and special price, answer questions online and introduce product advantages to stimulate consumption.



choose your need platform


1.Analyze the audience.

2.Select platform.

3.Choose influencer.

4.Plan live broadcast scheme.