Iqiyi video advertising

China’s advertising industry has been changing with the progress of media and technology. Under the background of big data in the Internet era, Internet TV advertising has gradually become the dominant market. “2020 China Internet advertising data report” shows that in 2020, Internet advertising has maintained a growth trend of 13.85%; the scale of Internet marketing has exceeded the trillion mark, opening up a new road for the recovery of the real economy in the local era.

Iqiyi is an online video platform under Baidu, which is a leader in China’s video industry. Iqiyi’s film and television content is rich and diverse, covering film, TV series, variety show, animation, music, education, science and technology and other multi content fields, and has attracted a large number of users’ attention through many independent and self-made plays / variety shows.

Iqiyi has a large number of advertising resources, including Pre-rolls before video playing, the pause picture in video playing, splash screen ads and other brand information flow advertising positions that meet the needs of advertisers to create a brand, as well as the channel information flow image and text style advertising, video playing style advertising, playing page information flow, social information flow and other resources that meet the needs of effect promotion.

Channel information flow ads

Channel page information flow advertisement refers to the image and text advertisement or video advertisement interspersed between the contents of Iqiyi movies, TV dramas, variety shows and other channels, or displayed at the bottom of the video play box when the video is played. According to the different users of each channel, this information flow advertisement can accurately target the advertising style of different people.

ads in the video playing box

There are 5S and 15s Pre-rolls to show brand information in an all-round way, with low disturbance and high originality.

play page information flow ads

The video play page information flow advertisement is displayed at the bottom of the video when the user plays the video with half screen every time, and more selected content is intelligently recommended based on the video content played by the user.

splash screen ads

“Splash screen advertisement” refers to the advertisement displayed on the user’s mobile phone immediately after user opens the “Iqiyi” app. It covers all Iqiyi mobile users, with strong visual impact and strong guidance for users to pay attention to advertising information.

Brand display ads

In line with the advertiser’s large traffic, high exposure advertising needs.

Social information flow ads

Social information flow advertisement is interspersed among the contents of Iqiyi’s social bubble circle. Users can choose such interactive ways as like or comment, this advertising content is original and has obvious social attributes.