Globally, the most famous portals are Google and Yahoo, while in China, Sina, Netease, Sohu and tencent are known as the big four portals. Therefore, on these platforms to place a picture advertising can get higher exposure, click-through rate, and increase the number of inquiries and improve conversion rate.

Their own characteristics


Tencent, as China’s largest portal media, its traffic is still huge, tencent users are high activity and youth, which is also the B2C e-commerce needs of the main target customer group.


Although the overall traffic of Sina is lower than that of tencent, Sina is still China’s largest news portal and one of the most important media for online advertising.

Sohu is the third largest portal in terms of traffic, but its user base is mainly in the north. The scale that electronic commerce client puts in is very big, transform also quite good.

Netease user group is distributed in the south, the net shopping habit is obvious, consumption ability is strong, the user younger is more obvious and willing to accept the fresh thing, especially suits the electronic commerce product promotion.

It’s cheap to put in, easy to make, especially for companies that don’t have a big budget and spend the least amount of money to promote their products.

What can we do for you



1.Find relevant materials according to the product, create attractive Chinese copywriting.

2.Deliver it on the right platform.

3.Track the relevant data and adjust the strategy in time.