So far, the search engine is undoubtedly the most ideal target access source on the Internet. According to authoritative statistics, more than 80% of the world’s Internet users search information or products through search engines. Therefore, competing for the position of the website in the search engine search results has become the focus of this increasingly fierce war.

So for small businesses or new websites, PPC of search engine can bring timely traffic and transformation. In addition, PPC does not need to optimize the website. Usually, only a few landing pages need to be set up for PPC to receive customers brought by advertisements. The landing page is a separate advertising page that covers everything from products and services to company introductions. Landing page has a strong marketing, so the copy, content and product services on the page need to have a strong appeal and persuasion.

Advantages of ppc

1.Instant effectThe ads will be displayed on the search results page soon after they go online.

2.Increase visibility: PPC search ads are located at the top of the natural search results, so winning these ads can make your brand gain more visibility.

3.Positioning: PPC platform provides very detailed positioning options. You can locate users by keywords based on demographics, interests and past online activities. You can even locate users who have recently visited your website.

4.Detailed report: through PPC advertising, you can get detailed data about advertising series, which can be used to adjust current advertising series and plan future advertising series.

What can we do for you

1.Account application and setup.

2.Keyword management, bidding and target selection.

3.Text and image ad creation based on the needs of search engine users to modify the site.

4.Adjust bids, AD copy and visual effects to optimize click through rates.

5.Write monthly bilingual analysis report.