Press Release

Press release refers to utilize news media for the promotion of enterprises, brands, individuals and so on. Through the form and method of news, it interprets corporate culture, brand connotation, product mechanism and disseminates industry information, leads consumption fashion and guides purchase decision. It is conducive to guide market consumption and improves the popularity of products in a short period of time and shape the reputation of the brand.


1.When users search for relevant information, the search results can display a large number of positive news reports, which improves the visibility, corporate image and brand influence.

2.Improve the website SEO effect, the ranking of related keywords and add weight of website links.

3.It can assist public relations crisis, and effectively restrain the spread of negative information.

4.Compared with advertising, the news release is permanent and effective, and the publicity effect is stable and long-term.

5.Put the links of news reports on the company’s website to make the brand stand out, which can be more recognized by consumers, promote sales and attract investment.





News naturally has a third-party objective position, which is more reliable than advertising. Therefore, if the media want to understand the relevant information of the enterprise, they must go to see the news; if the enterprise is in the process of financing or listing, they must issue a press release, because partners and investors will watch it, and they are more concerned about the positive exposure of the enterprise than you; if you want to expand the team, you must send a news release Today’s candidates are very dependent on online evaluation. They will check the company’s relevant information online and give you a reply. If your product has been promoted and launched, there should be news everywhere, because those potential customers will search your news at any time, so it is important to ensure that the search is positive information, and the press release is much more important than you think.