Product Review

When a brand wants to enter another unfamiliar market, it often takes out its own important products to drive its own brand. Therefore, when there are new products to be released, local authorities can be invited to evaluate the products, so as to increase the recognition of products in the local market and  improve the sales volume of products. At the same time, it has been identified and recognized by local authoritative media organizations, which provides good materials for opening other markets. In addition, in this Internet age, consumers become more rational in purchasing enterprise goods. Before purchasing goods, they will compare through such media channels as search engines, vertical media and e-commerce channels. In addition to believing in brands, they also have their own opinions and ideas, so as to buy products with higher quality lower price. In this case, product evaluation becomes particularly important, because it is different from the ordinary text description, picture introduction and other forms, product evaluation is a form to let consumers fully understand the enterprise’s products.

Matters needing attention


*Complete Chinese materials and perfect packaging.

*Make sure there are no problems with the product.

*Select appropriate exhibition channels for product evaluation.



At present, there are relevant commodity evaluation channels in every industry and every field. For example, China’s maternal and infant industry has Pacific parent-child network,,, etc. The IT industry’s evaluation media include, Zhongguancun Online, etc. For western brands that have just come into contact with the Chinese market, you can find us to help you connect with the powerful evaluation media suitable for your product.