What SEM marketing does is to make full and effective use of search engine for network marketing and promotion. SEM pursues the highest cost performance ratio, obtains the largest number of visits from the search engine with the minimum investment, and produces commercial value. It is a new form of network marketing, which includes SEO, paid advertising , advertising classification, search bidding, in which the bidding payment ranking is the main.

Advantages of SEM

Flexible and Targeted


Enterprises can make capital investment according to their own situation and make full use of every cent. For user’s click , the bidding background will have detailed data and reports. Enterprises can make appropriate adjustment according to the user’s click situation. If there is no promotion, no fee will be charged.


Large User Base and Quick Results

Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine platform in China, with 200 million search times everyday, covering 95% of the internet users, It can be seen that the user data is huge. We combine the promotion of the relevant words to launch, can cover a large number of users, and we do other promotion, just according to the word you optimize the ranking, bidding does not need to worry about this problem.


No Limited Promotion Keywords

Do SEO optimization, the keywords are those, but, bidding keywords are not limited, you can add how many words you want to, which make user find your product more easier and marketing effect will be better.

Convenient for User Data Analysis

We can make appropriate adjustments in the bidding background according to the customer’s search. The bidding background can query through keyword tools and keyword planners, and analyze the customer’s search habits with the help of daily search index, so as to customize the promotion scheme.

According to the current use of search engines, Baidu occupies the first place, the rest is Sogou, 360 search and other search engines. Which platform do you want to launch or need to grasp their own situation, generally from the flow, cost, and equipment to sum up the three requirements. Baidu user volume is high, effect is good, cost is higher, other search engine discharge is less, but popularize cost is low. In a word, Baidu is the best choice at present.

What can we do for you


1.Account application and setup.

2.Keyword management, bidding and target selection.

3.Text and image ad creation based on the needs of Baidu users to modify the site.

4.Adjust bids, AD copy and visual effects to optimize click through rates.

5.Write monthly bilingual analysis report.