Why choose Baidu SEO?

Baidu has more than 80 percent of the Chinese market, and if you want to reach Chinese customers, you need to implement a Search Engine Optimization strategy that includes search engine rankings. Of course, there are other search engines in China, 360 and Sogou are both used by some Chinese, but they have a lower market share than Baidu, so it’s best to focus on Baidu, especially when you’re just getting started with Chinese Seo.

Benefits of Baidu SEO


1.Increase your keyword rank and exposure.

2.Identify high quality potential customers, increase inquiries and sales.

3.Improve the site in the search engine rankings and impact brand awareness, traffic levels and return on investment.

4.Improve the visibility and trust of the enterprise.

5.The most cost-effective and long-lasting promotion.



What we can do for you


*We through the analysis of your website to customize the most suitable Baidu Seo methods.

*According to the Chinese custom to optimize in-site and off-site.

*Keep your keywords at the top of the list and get potential customers.

*Choose the most appropriate SEO backlinks for you.

*Analyse online rival SEO and Baidu traffic.

*Monthly bilingual report.