Our team is committed to your success, which is why we provide a wide range of services, and the continuous support and analysis of our professional team , which will make it as easy for you to do business in China as it is at home.

Social Media Updating

Regularly update relevant content, obtain continuous traffic, and excavate more potential customers.

Customer Service

Provide pre-sale, in sale, after-sale Chinese customer service, with a professional attitude to serve consumers, increase the online store praise rate.

Accounting & Taxes

According to Chinese laws and regulations, prepare company’s account books, declare various taxes, and clean up various accounts.

Product Review

From the professional point of view to write guiding copy to stimulate consumers’ desire to buy, and let more people recognize the quality of products.

Trademark & Patent

Protect your design by registering or maintaining trademark, patents and gain higher profits by monopolizing the field of new technology products.

Company Registration

Help you collect the relevant information and write the required materials to submit to the relevant departments, which saves the approval time, and successfully register the company in China as soon as possible.