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China is the world’s largest social media market, with a wide variety of social marketing options. More than 800 million Chinese Internet users have shared their opinions, asked for product recommendations and contacted others. To market your products and services in China, you need to harness the power of Chinese social media. Let’s take a look at China’s most popular social media platforms.

China's top four social media hubs



Top 10 social media brands, leaders in Mobile Internet applications in China, the most popular social information platform, mobile instant messaging software for the largest user group in Asia, and watchdogs for tencent’s mobile internet applications, social Media, which focuses on the circle of acquaintances, has become the focus of people’s daily lives, such as their friend circle/wechat hongbao/public accounts.





China’s leading social media, the key source of media monitoring and tracking breaking news, China’s version of twitter, a personalized platform for public self expression.




Toutiao’s short video platform, the most popular music creative short video social software, focuses on young people’s 15 second music short video community, the number of daily user activity is extremely high.



The Chinese Internet high quality content community, the domestic well-known network question and answer community, by the high quality diversity, is China’s biggest with social function knowledge platform, its feature of Q & A makes it a great place for local advertising and allows users to leave comments on different products and services.



1.Compared with other online marketing such as search engine and email, the trust-based communication mechanism of Social Media Marketing and the high initiative participation of users can influence the consumers’consumption decision more.

2.Sharing Information and discussing issues among people, and being able to effectively reach a consensus on a topic through constant interaction and refinement, provide a lot of opportunities for brands to be disseminated and amplified.

3.Social media users are sticky, stable, and well-targeted, providing a more targeted audience for brands.

The amount of traffic that social media can generate can be used by businesses in a variety of ways.

Effectively reduce the enterprise’s marketing costs to achieve a higher rate of return.

Through directionally advertising to get targeted customer.

As a way to meet the needs of network users can bring more sales.

Let the enterprise interactive public relations more timely, easy to build brand goodwill.





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