Baidu PPC

Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, which responds to billions of search requests from more than 100 countries and regions every day. It is the most important entrance for Internet users to obtain Chinese information. Baidu is also China’s largest Internet integrated service company with information and knowledge as the core, and the world’s leading artificial intelligence platform company. In 2019, the number of Baidu users exceed 1 billion, the daily active users of Baidu app are 222 million, and the information flow ranks first in China. In China, 856000 companies are using Baidu marketing.

Baidu PPC is based on Baidu search, the world’s largest Chinese search engine. It displays customers’ promotion information in a prominent position of the search results and pays according to the actual number of clicks. It includes search promotion, brand zone,  commodity promotion, local promotion, APP promotion and other forms, which are triggered by keywords or brand words or product words.




By setting keywords related to your main products (services), customers can find your company’s website through keyword search, so as to visit and browse your company’s information, and communicate online, and finally promote the order.



A picture is more attractive than a thousand words, intelligent matching of pictures makes the promotion effect better.

Telephone clues

Consulting clues

Form clues

Clue can directly display the service function on the search result page through telephone, form and consulting component, so that the netizens with clear needs can reduce jump, contact directly and leave sales clues.



User brand learning stage



Baidu’s Brand Zone advertising option allows brands to make a big impression in search results. When somebody searches for a brand name, such as “Pepsi Cola”, Baidu will show them a large section of text, images and other multi-media.


Potential demand stage

You can imbed ads on the issues that Baidu knows are related to your own business when users are in the potential demand stage. You can generate your own question page by answering questions, which can be displayed on the search results page and details page. When users look up the answers, they unconsciously check the ads.


User interest stage

In the user interest stage, you can increase brand exposure by strongly displaying brand advertisements on the right side of the search results page.


User transformation stage

In the user transformation stage, you can put your product and service information in front, and display it in the search results in the form of structured graphics, so as to strongly promote brand promotion and sales transformation.

3.commodity promotion


Dynamic product ads are suitable for search promotion products with mass commodity sales, it focuses on “commodities” and  to complete batch advertising and dynamic creative generation, and ultimately achieves accurate and efficient advertising display and management.

Window style

Navigation style

List style


Promote your application directly in the search results page, and provide you with the best one-stop app distribution service by integrating Baidu app store, distribution alliance and information flow advertisement.

Search results page

Baidu mobile assistant

Android Market

How to charge for advertising on Baidu?

Baidu advertising adopts the prepaid system: the first account only needs to pay USD770 minimum advance promotion fees, USD160 account opening fee and service fees(The account opening fee and advance promotion fee may change according to the regional situation, and the specific fee shall be separately agreed by the customer and the service provider) After the service is opened, customers can choose keywords and set advertising plans. When search users click on customers’ promotion information to visit the website, the system will charge a click fee from the pre stored promotion fee, each click fee depends on customers’ bid, quality and ranking of key words. Customers can control it by adjusting the advertising budget to control promotion costs. When advance deposit promotion fees in the account are finished, customers can continue to maintain or increase the promotion efforts, and get more customers and business through Baidu promotion.