bilibili influencer marketing

Average daily use time

       87 minutes per person

Average daily video views

           1 billion 100 million

Monthly average user interaction

             4 billion 900 million

Retention rate of official members


In Bilibili, the common promotion methods of content curators main content are as follows:

Creative short films

Which are customized according to the needs of advertisers to interpret the brand or product demands in an all-round way.

Good things sharing

Bilibili content curatorslove to share good products with fans according to their own styles, which are mostly divided into seasonal / semi annual / annual / major categories / Shopping Festival list, etc.

Open the box video

Introduce the packaging / connotation / function / experience of the product, and implant brand / marketing activity information.

Product evaluation

Content curators analyseadvantages of products in a professional manner, usually are digital evaluation / skin care evaluation / shoes evaluation, etc.

Content implanting

Content curators skillfully implants products into daily video content, seamlessly transferring product value, such as vlog implanting / chatting implanting, etc.