Something about Bilibili

Posted by Admin on June 12, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

BiliBili was an ACG (animation, comics, games) content creation and sharing video site in its early days. After more than ten years of development, BiliBili has built an ecosystem that continuously produces high-quality content around users, creators and content. BiliBili covers more than 7000 interested multicultural communities. It won the first place in the list of “Z generation app” and “Z generation app for Pan entertainment” selected by Questmobile Research Institute, and was selected into the top 100 most valuable Chinese brands in 2019 by the Brand report.

At present, it has 15 content divisions, including animation, anime, music, dance, game, knowledge, life, entertainment, auto-tune remix-themed content, fashion and projection hall. Life, entertainment, games, animation, science and technology are the main content categories of Bilibili, and set up live streaming, game center, peripheral business sectors.

By the second quarter of 2020, Bilibili will have 172 million monthly active users and 153 million monthly mobile users. 78% of users are 18-35 years old.

Bilibili is different from Iqiyi, Youku, Tencent video and so on. Its main video content is based on users, while the official videos are only a few. These users are called content curators by the majority of viewers, that is, the creators of videos.

Fans can praise, relay, comment and interact with content curators to express their support and recognition for the content and encourage them to recreate high-quality content.

Bilibili has three characteristics:

1.Tolerant and friendly social atmosphere

The users of Bilibili are mostly young people from the first and second tier cities, most of whom have received good education and high quality. Therefore, the atmosphere of Bilibili will be more friendly and harmonious than other social platforms.

2.Strong ability of second creation

Bilibili has content curators with the strongest “secondary creation” ability in China. These content curators are mainly based on all kinds of classic materials, including classic movies, TV dramas, animations, documentaries and so on. Their production efficiency is much higher than that of original videos.

3.Bullet screen culture

Although all major websites provide bullet screen, making punchlines ability of Bilibili community is undoubtedly outstanding, which originates from the community culture of “no bullet screen, no Bilibili”.

The labels of Bilibili include: one of the largest creation platforms in China, one of the largest online self-study platforms in China, one of the largest game video platforms in China, and the fastest growing vlog community in China.

In the case of sufficient content supply, Bilibili users are active, willing to interact and high quality, which makes Bilibili become the favorite of the brand.

On February 16, 2020, Ding Talk released a video “Ding Talk, online beg for mercy” in Bilibili, which knelt down to users for praise and successfully saved the one star crisis.

On July 1, Tencent released “I’m the simple Penguin who ate fake chili sauce” in Bilibili, which successfully deflected the direction of “goose factory vs Lao GanMa” and made a beautiful public relations battle.

On October 23, BMW entered Bilibili with a high profile and released a 3-minute animated blockbuster “a high-energy horse”, which broke most people’s impression of its brand: “cold”, “luxury” and “sense of technology”.

These brands have entered the user’s interior with auto-tune remix-themed content video, and quickly integrated with platform tonality. Whether it is to develop the Z era market or to deal with the marketing crisis, the trend of brand preference for Bilibili is more and more obvious. In addition, the user stickiness of Bilibili is the strongest compared with other media platforms, so the community atmosphere and content here are very suitable for undertaking long-term marketing. The brand marketing of Bilibili has considerable potential, which is worth exploring.