Something about Tencent Ads

Posted by Admin on March 6, 2021 in Chinese digital marketing

Tencent is an Internet-based platform company, which enriches the life of Internet users through technology and helps enterprises to upgrade their digitalization. Due to the continuous innovation and upgrading of Tencent technology, Tencent products are constantly enriched. For example, the well-known social software QQ and wechat, the Tencent video for people to catch up with dramas in their leisure time, the Tencent News with the latest hot events, and the QQ music with a large number of legitimate music library, Wesee for wonderful short video creation and sharing, QQ watch points with rich content and distinctive features, QQ browser driven by content recommendation and search engine, etc. Tencent advertising relies on the powerful Tencent ecology, so it can provide one-stop advertising service for advertisers. At the same time, through advertising management, report forms, assets and other capabilities, to help advertisers achieve the goal of marketing promotion.

At present, Tencent advertising mainly includes WeChat advertising, Tencent video advertising, Tencent News advertising, Wesee advertising, QQ Watch Points advertising, QQ advertising, QQ music advertising, Youliang advertising, etc. In addition, these advertisements contain different forms of advertising.

Among them, WeChat advertising includes the following three kinds of ads:

WeChat moment ads include regular advertisement, selective card advertisement and full width card advertisement.

The official account ads include video advertisements, advertisements at the bottom of the article and advertisements in the article.

Mini program ads are in the form of interstitial and banner ads.

Tencent video includes the following two kinds of advertisements:

Advertisement outside video playing box, there are regular splash screen , focus picture, information flow, brand zone, download page, seed video, play details page, search advertisement, standby screen saver, list page banner, sponsor’s advertising , details page banner, quit app advertisement.

In the video playing box, there are pre-rolls, oral advertisement, progress bar advertisement, definition advertisement, double speed advertisement and loading advertisement.

Tencent News and Tencent Wesee advertisements include splash screen and information flow.

The forms of  QQ Watch Points advertising include big events at the top, home page information flow ads, immersive video ads, article page bottom ads, article page bottom information flow, home page drop-down refresh graphics and text, channel focus picture.

QQ browser advertising forms include video pause advertising, splash screen advertising, information flow advertising, immersive video advertising, article page bottom advertising, picture end frame advertising, search advertising.

QQ advertisements include the following two types:

Mobile QQ advertising, which includes QQ weather advertising and “people nearby” advertising.

QQ space advertising, there are graphic advertising and video advertising.

Tencent music ads include the following three kinds of ads:

QQ music ads, there are search ads, splash screen ads, flipped ads, banner at the bottom of song list, banner at the bottom of music, recommendation page ads, sound quality switching ads, sharing ads, download ads, and focus picture ads of music hall.

WeSing, there are information flow advertising, splash screen advertising.

Koowo music advertising has splash screen advertising and focus picture advertising.

In addition to these main advertising resources, there are also rich advertising spaces on other types of Tencent apps, such as Application treasure, mobile housekeeper, WiFi housekeeper, QQ reading, Tencent games, etc. Based on Tencent’s strong market share, we can imagine how much exposure Tencent advertising can bring to entrepreneurs’ brands and products. After reading  above introduction, you may also want to know the specific billing mode. The rules of sale are different in different creative forms, at present, Tencent advertising offers five ways of selling according to CPC、CPM、CPA、oCPC、oCPM:

1.CPC–Pay per click

2.CPM–Pay per thousand exposures

3.CPA–Pay per download

4.oCPC–Smart bid based on click to charge. After selecting a specific optimization target and providing the expected average conversion cost, the system estimates the conversion value of each display, makes an automatic bid, and deducts fees according to the click.

5.oCPM–Smart bid based on displayto charge. After selecting a specific optimization target and providing the expected average conversion cost, the system estimates the conversion value of each display, makes an automatic bid, and deducts fees according to the display.


The corresponding sales rules of different position creative forms are as follows: