Sougou PPC



This network promotion method pays for practical effect, through the keyword context analysis technology, free enterprise promotion information appears in Sogou search results. When Internet users directly search for product information or related business, enterprises only need to pay for each effective click of users, which is used to enhance the popularity and business development of enterprises.

2.Dispaly advertising

It is based on Sohu, Sogou and many high-quality network media resources as a platform, providing advertisers with a variety of display forms, including pictures, text, flash animation, etc., to carry out personalized push precise network promotion.



It can be divided into two kinds. One is to display with the help of brand words, brand zone advertising is the first entrance of communication between the brand and the users, so as to create a strong corporate brand image. Second, common words trigger, monopolize the first display on the right, and strongly display brand advertising. Effectively attract potential users and enhance brand awareness.