Sunscreen market in China

Posted by Admin on May 18, 2021 in Brands in China

For Chinese women who go out with umbrellas, sunscreen must be a necessity all year round. Most Chinese girls like white skin,in China, there is a saying “white skin can cover a hundred ugly things”. They usually try every means to make themselves whiter. Online popular whitening methods are eating one or two tomatoes a day, or insisting on drinking lemonade, or insisting on applying body lotion with whitening effect every day, etc. In addition to avoiding sunburn and tanning, another important reason is to prevent skin aging and growing spots. Women are willing to spend money on skin care. In the face of such a huge consumer market, sunscreen products are constantly bringing forth new ones.

According to the “Research report on China’s cosmetic market operation and strategy in 2019-2025” released by Zhiyan consulting, under the background of global consumption upgrading, sunscreen is becoming one of the fastest growing categories in the cosmetic market, and will continue to maintain this momentum in the next three years. In the future, the global sunscreen cosmetics market will grow at an average annual rate of 5.6%.

Among different sunscreen products, sunscreen cosmetics are the most popular among consumers, with a heat index of 30.2. Behind them are umbrellas, sunglasses, sun hats, sun suits and ice sleeves.

As China’s cosmetics industry started relatively late and the high-end market has been occupied by foreign brands for a long time, consumers lack confidence in domestic brands and tend to buy the same kind of products from foreign countries which have been developing in this market for a long time. According to the statistics of the heat index of nearly 100 kinds of sunscreen products by “micro hot spots”, Winona sunscreen, ranked sixth, has become the only Chinese brand on the list among the popular sunscreen products.

At the top of the list, ANESSA, for a long time in the past, has been regarded as a synonym for sunscreen. ANESSA is the only professional sunscreen product of Shiseido in Japan. It has Aqua booster water energy sunscreen technology, which provides additional protection against water, resists ultraviolet radiation, effectively inhibits sweat, water and sebum, and keeps skin dry, moist and comfortable for a long time. That’s why new sunscreen products emerge one after another every year, and ANESSA’s position in China’s sunscreen market is as stable as Mount Tai.

Winona, a Chinese brand of skin care products, focuses on the research and development of sensitive skin products. It adopts the skin science level based approach and uses high-tech biotechnology to provide products to improve skin problems. Winona has suddenly become very popular in recent years. It is precisely because it has received a lot of praise for sensitive skin products. In addition, it also takes the route of hospitals and pharmacies in the channel, so many people can buy this product from hospitals, which further increases the credibility of consumers on the effect of the product.

In 2018, the sales scale of Tmall sunscreen products is about 1.98 billion yuan. By 2019, the sales scale of Tmall sunscreen products will increase to 3.01 billion yuan, an increase of about 48%. From June 2019 to may 2020, the retail sales of sun protection products in the whole network is 7.929 billion yuan, and the sales volume is 93.448 million pieces. Consumers’ sun protection awareness is significantly improved, and the scale of sun protection market is increasing year by year.

According to the sales of sunscreen cosmetics on Alibaba platform from January to April 2020, 50-100 yuan sunscreen cosmetics are the most popular, accounting for 35.6% of sales, and 32.4% of goods on sale. But at the same time, the contribution of 100-200 yuan of high-end sunscreen cosmetics followed closely, accounting for 32.1% of sales, and 28.9% of goods on sale. The profile shows that the market potential of high-end sunscreen cosmetics is huge.

According to the prediction of authoritative institutions, the global sunscreen care market will continue to grow in the future. In 2024, the global sunscreen care market may reach US $25 billion (about RMB 161.6 billion). The market prospect is very broad. Sunscreen is a potential outlet in the future, and the price is an important factor affecting consumers’ purchase. In terms of efficacy, sunscreen and isolation are the main products, and international sunscreen brands are in the main position.