tencent video advertising

Tencent video includes the following two kinds of advertisements:

Ads outside video playing box

there are regular splash screen , focus picture, information flow, brand zone, download page, seed video, play details page, search advertisement, standby screen saver, list page banner, sponsor’s advertising , details page banner, quit app advertisement.

                                           In the form of full screen ads appear in Tencent video terminal boot scene.

                                    It appears in original form in the focus picture carousel content scene of each channel.

It appears in the original form in the content stream of each channel, the play details page, and the immersive video scene.



It’s displayed at the bottom of the TV series, and the advertising space appears on the first screen.

When the video is not played, the standby screen will appear after 10 minutes by default. The standby screen has 6 pictures, which can be changed every 5 seconds. It supports click jump.

Ads displayed on the album details page.

Ads displayed on the album details page.

When the TV terminal exits the application, the advertisement will appear on the page confirming the exit.

The user enters keywords into the result page and the big picture advertisement displays at the top of the result page.

Ads In the video playing box

there are pre-rolls, oral advertisement, progress bar advertisement, definition advertisement, double speed advertisement and loading advertisement.