Ihs Markit estimates that the overall Chinese online video market will grow from 22 billion yuan ($3.5 billion) in 2015 to 96.2 billion yuan ($15.2 billion) by 2020. Therefore, growth-oriented investors should be familiar with China’s three major online video platforms, namely tencent video, iqiyi video, Youku video.

Tenxun video




As China’s top video platform, tencent’s rich display library and its links to Wechat make it an attractive platform for users as well as an attractive channel for advertisers. However, the complex process of setting up tencent video ads and the sinicization of the user interface pose is a great challenge to international marketers. Let your brand advertise on tencent video to easily achieve your marketing goals in China.



Iqiyi is owned by Baidu, which controls 70 per cent of China’s online search market, and its vast cloud services ecosystem connects users to Iqiyi, which still competes head to head with tencent video.

Iqiyi video
Youku video



Youku is the result of the merger of Chinese websites Youku and Tudou in 2012, creating China’s largest video hosting platform. This platform can be used to host and send video to local visitors, rather than hosting it on your server, which is likely to be much slower. It can also be promoted in a variety of ways, such as advertising on Youku. Playing videos on Youku is also an effective way to reach mobile phone users, thanks to its high speed and broad influence in China.

Expand the brand

Promote products and services

Promote online and offline stores

Promote App or software

Attract tourists

Internet users everywhere love video content.

Increased demand for video content about brands or products.

An important channel for acquiring high quality potential customers.

It’s easier to get people to buy.

Video Marketing has become a trend.

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