Website Building

Nowadays, Chinese consumers are accustomed to online access to brand information, goods and services, which also shows that companies from other countries, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have a good opportunity to explore the growing e-commerce market in China. First of all, establish a localized Chinese website. When customers search for products on search engines or e-commerce platforms, it will bring more credibility to your enterprise. In addition, now is the era of mobile Internet, everyone has a mobile phone, so all kinds of APP, small programs also came into being. In general, there are many benefits for enterprises to develop an app. In addition to using the low-cost and fast spreading mobile Internet to explore the potential mobile Internet customer market, it also has the following four advantages:

1.The core business of the enterprise can be perfectly presented to customers through mobile app.

3.Help enterprises to achieve precision marketing, for example, to convey the company’s new products or preferential promotion activities to customers in the first time through mobile app.

2.Create professional marketing channels, interact with customers through product information push, and quickly let users know your product service and product price.

4.Consumers use app to have a deeper understanding of the products and services of enterprises and improve the brand and reputation of enterprises.

How to set up a website

*Reconstruct or redesign according to the existing English website.

*Clear positioning and sort out column structure.

*Determine theme style.

*According to the browsing habits of Chinese consumers and the points where they want to get the main information, to design website page and content.


If you want to know more about the website construction and development of an app or small program belonging to your company, you can contact us directly on this, tell us your needs, and discuss an the best solution together.