weibo advertising

Weibo, a famous social media platform in China, was launched in August 2009. Users can access through a variety of mobile terminals such as PC and mobile phone, and realize real-time information sharing, communication and interaction in the form of text, picture, video and other multimedia. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, Weibo is based on information release and interactive communication, with a large number of users, becoming a huge traffic entrance. 

In a word, Weibo is an information sharing and exchange platform to provide entertainment and leisure life services for the public, a great tool to measure the pulse of China and understand what the Chinese are discussing and which topics are trending. You can compare it with Twitter on that aspect.

So, Weibo is a great digital marketing tool to understand the Chinese market and which topics are relevant to your business.

Weibo marketing mainly includes four types of advertising, namely Fan Pass, Fan Headline, Display Advertisements, Weibo Search Engine Promotion, each type of advertising includes several different forms of expression, as follows:

Fan Pass is currently a popular promotion mode on Weibo, which belongs to the promotion mode of information flow. According to the style and industry of the blogger, we can select the targeted unfamiliar fans for compulsory delivery. It is a blog with the word “advertisement”.The daily active users of Weibo are about 200 million. This backstage can analyze and classify Weibo users according to their gender, personality, age and preferences. In the process of advertising, people can be selected, and users who are interested in the content or have recently searched or browsed the relevant content can be selected to view this ad. The promotion blog will appear in the third or seventh place on the homepage of the people who are viewers. In the process of advertising circulation, it exerts a subtle influence on the advertising viewers, so as to achieve more attention.

Fan Pass, its’ display forms include original blog post, big picture card, video card, one click purchase, H5 style, sudoku picture, text page banner and comment stream card.

Video card

 H5 style

Text page banner




sudoku picture