weibo influencer marketing

In China, social influencer marketing has become the most important part of brand marketing strategy. Facing a wide range of products and businesses with different qualifications, Chinese consumers usually go to the Internet in advance to investigate the products they want to buy, so as to understand most consumers’ evaluation of the brand or product. In the past few years, many brands have benefited from social influencer marketing, especially cooperating with those have a large number of fans.

For foreign brands, social influencer marketing has become their preferred weapon to leverage the Chinese market.

In China, there are many platforms for incubating social influencers, but the most influential is Weibo influencer marketing. The main ways of cooperation are as follows:

Brand Ambassador

Cooperating with Weibo influencer who are in line with the brand positioning and have a large number of fans to let she or he speaks for your brand. Compared with asking Chinese stars to speak, the cost will be much less. On the other hand, the effect will be much better than traditional marketing methods.

Post video or advertorial

Advertisers hope to have familiar faces of consumers in their advertising films, and product advertisements can carry out a wide range of viral promotion, so as to achieve the maximum cost performance of communication, which is in line with some characteristics of social influencers. Therefore, participating in advertising shooting has become a common way of making money for some less well-known social influencers.

Directly participate in the production of advertising content through live streaming or creative copywriting.

Use social platform to relayor push advertising content to participate in marketing.

Launch brand welfare activities to attract potential consumers.